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how many of you turned-over with your boat?

Old 10-30-2002, 01:29 PM
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We barrel rolled in Daytona this year, but were able to finish the race.
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dont you hate it when everything goes really quiet its almost eerie
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Originally posted by SteveDavid

Cuda, what Skiff folks were you with? Didn't Robby of the Pancake House have a Skiff then? Heck of a nice guy.

Steve, that was exactly who I was there with! His name was Dave Coover, he owned Robby's Pancake House out on Treasure Island, still does I think. I was his kitchen manager at that time.

He was the first certified boat nut I ever met. I never rode in the skiff (didn't want my buddies to see me in it ). He also had an SK flatbottom that is still the only boat to this day that had to be near 100 mph that I rode in. His son, Davey, ended up sinking the SK in Lake Seminole. He was pulling a parasail from land with it. The sail got caught in the trees and stretched the line out. Davey panicked and killed the engine, the rope pulled back and under went the transom. Mr C was not amused.

He also owned the first offshore muscle boat I ever rode in. It was an Excalibur, 24 I think. Gorgeous boat. Davey and I took it out in the gulf the first day he owned it. I couldn't believe the difference in the ride of that type boat compared to all the other boats I had ridden in.

He also had some kind of big cruiser too. Man that guy knew how to live!! He had a foxy babe too! He was my hero!
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i didnt know you had gone for a swim...we need to talk

and your right, it does leave a lasting impression. i still feel it
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Just Browsing, Chris told me about your roll. Pretty impressive you guys were still able to finish the race. I ran a One Design up in St. roll over though...

Jolley........YEHAW!!! That thing looks stupid fun!!!!!
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Enjoy the show
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It was a bit different than your swim. It's a bit un-nerving to go upside down while strapped into a 5 point harness. We were still talking on the intercom while being upside down and the water rushing into the sunroof. It was like being in a toilet as it flushed, only in reverse. probably took about 5 seconds to fill enough that my head was underwater.

Thank God I had the regulator on a rubber chain around my neck. It was only an inch away from my mouth and no problem to find. I took a few puffs as I left the non scuba diver driver out first, I went second and Will Smith came up third after shutting off the electrical switches.

My only real regret was that the on board camera never recorded the event. Ask Jeff about his camera??? However he did catch it from the chopper. I'll show you the tape some time.

And I actually remember saying Oh Sh** as it went over.

A canopy with a lid would give more time without water in the cockpit. I don't like spare air bottles as they are clumsy and only afford a few breaths. The full face stuff is the way to go.

The question is, how much is your life worth and how deep are your pockets?
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Boy is it a small world huh! Dave Coover, he was sure a genuinely fine fellow. Always pleasant, and made sure we had our share of his (and yours) pancakes.

Ron P, I don't think we'll make New Orleans. Reggie has been a wonderful guy to race for. Gave Benny, Mike Seebold, Brett May and me everything we needed to try to win. I understand he's received an offer for the boat we were racing. We'll be putting together the plans for 2003 real soon and look forward to racing for Fountain again.

The guys we ran against this year are some of the finest racers I ever met. Good luck to the Invensys team, outlaw, Micosukee, Little R, and the other teams at both New Orleans and Key West. Don't let all the "stuff" surrounding the sport get you. Have a ball, share that joy with your Friends, Family and Fans. Life is way too short, and way to precious to let the naysayers steal a second of joy from anyone.

Be safe, race well.
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Thank you Rabbi David...........................

That's MISTER Loving Schmuck to you

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