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Sign's she Loves One other

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10. She smells different
If she suddenly starts wearing a new fragrance without explanation, then sniff around for other clues. She may simply want to spice things up in your relationship, so do not go crazy on her right away. However, if you smell another man's cologne on her clothes, hands and neck, beware.

9. She no longer cares
Once upon a time, she could not get enough of you. Now she doesn't care whether you stay, leave or disappear. She has lost patience with your quirks and no longer tolerates your faults. Perhaps someone else has usurped your role as Mr. Perfect.

8. You catch her in a lie
The odd fib is acceptable, but if lying is becoming a chronic pattern, there's a bigger problem. Get to the truth, no matter how painful. And if you choose to forgive, don't ever forget.

7. She's never in the mood
You've always had a healthy sex life but now you're getting the cold shoulder. Either she has lost interest in you or is getting her kicks elsewhere. And if you are still intimate but find that she's never into it, it might be time for a talk.

6. She gets a makeover
She has a whole new wardrobe and her hairstyle is right out of a shampoo commercial. All fine and dandy, but why the sudden emphasis on appearance? Perhaps her new job has something to do with it -- or maybe she wants to impress a new lover

Number 5 - Healthy living She wants to be fit, fast
She hits the gym, eats healthier, and has her eyes set on becoming fitter, in a short time span. Again, she may simply be looking to improve her lifestyle; she may even be doing this for you. But if she gets home from the gym, showers and runs out (without even telling you where she's off to), then something is up.

Number 4 - Model employee She works longer hours
A majority of polled females admitted that if they were to cheat, it would be with a colleague. So unless she just got a promotion, has a project to close, or is in the midst of a busy season, her work hours should remain more or less stable. If she suddenly starts to work 60 hours instead of 40, then she may just be "logging" in those 20 extra hours on someone else's paysheet. Time to punch out.

Number 3 - New kid in town She likes her new colleague
She starts to talk about her new male colleague, pal or friend, all the time. He is all that at first and then suddenly disappears from the radar. Actually, he disappears from your radar -- he is only becoming bigger and louder on hers. If you see her showing any form of affection for another man, alarm bells should start ringing, unless they are related or friends from way back. Could this be the reason she no longer invites you to the office parties?

Number 2 - Miss the in-laws She is drawing a line in the sand
Her family is now that: her family. One reason for the extra barrier is to facilitate the eventual separation; another reason is that she needs them to cover up for her. Perhaps the in-laws are in the dark themselves, and would not condone her actions. Whatever her motives, you find yourself actually missing the family gatherings you once dreaded.

Number 1 - Strange behavior She is defensive and paranoid
She thinks that you are out to get her when you are genuinely clueless. She stutters and worries whenever you ask her innocent questions. She answers some phone calls and reacts awkwardly, while she completely avoids other calls. Her sudden fear and paranoia have you worried about her health, until you realize that her health regimen has been getting some extra protein.

If you begin to notice one of the aforementioned signs in your woman, don't fly off the handle just yet. Remember, it's important to keep sudden behavioral changes in mind, so examine her regular actions against her new attitude, and follow your instincts.
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Thanks... I have been a puching bag lately for my ex, as of last night again. I caught her cheating once, and last night I found out that she is lying to me again.
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You forgot to mention the new techniques she seems to have picked up from "the playboy channel".
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I hear ya my old one fit 7 of the ten and I was to stupid trusty to figure it out. worst thing it it was with my ex-(friend).
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get your money out of her hands ! or you will end up with a check book full of checks but no money in your account . and if the two of you are on the same line of credit. close the account before the ***** takes all the money out of that also. oh , i'm sorry . do i sound bitter ?
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A more than few of these are right on the money. Sadly, I know firsthand...............
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Women...Cant live with em...

Ya, that sums it up!!!!
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...sounds all too familiar!

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Im glad I dont have any of these symptoms around the homefront
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***** !
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