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How do you KILL a momosa tree??

Old 11-07-2002, 08:35 PM
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Before you guys contaminate the ground with your experimental chemistry, realize that you have the right to prune any branches hanging over your property. If done properly it can look ok.

The chemical 2-4-D is widely used for the control of broadleaf weeds in lawns. Yes, it retards the growth of the plant which results in death. It is also banned in some states. It is not nice stuff!! Also if you are caught using it, or any other target specified chemical for that matter, you will be in a whole lot of trouble. Not only with the DEP, but there could be legal action as well, you would be held responsible for any damage. Profesional applicators need a license to use that stuff.

One more thing. Our summer home is in a waterfront community. A long time resident's son bought a house in the community. He approached his neighbor and offered to pay to have a mature oak tree taken down that was partially blocking his view. The neighbor said no. Most people are only summer residents and in the spring the guy found a ring of rock salt around his tree. Gee, who could have done that? Well they found out who did it and he is now the black sheep of the neighborhood. Not a very neighborly thing to do.

A glimmer of hope though, Mimosas sometimes just up and die for no reason. So be patient.
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Just offer to cut her lawn and run the mower around the base of the tree, in essence girdling it. My son has done this to a couple of our trees
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Simple solution & workson any kind of tree:
Get a bunch of copper nails & cut off the heads. Drive the nails into the tree & use a center punch to get em in a little further so the nail doesn't show.
Usually takes around 4-6 months but the tree will die no matter what!!! The more nails, the better!
Ummm, yeah! I heard that from someone, I've NEVER done it to my neighbors f'ing tree that used to drop 1-2" nuts all over my driveway & has dented guests cars
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a bunch of copper nails
hope nobody ever takes a chain saw to it
talk about kick back
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Interesting.....I am a landscape contrator and pesticide license holder. The 24d if I remember correctly is used in nonspecific systemic vegitation control products, or Roundup, Finale.....etc. Basically, it is nasty stuff. Most people srpaying roundup in the cracks of their driveway do not understand they are using a modified agent orange product. Dangerous, all of the chemicals. Kills everything aside from some lawn and garden ivys, then you need a heavy duty herbicide, more selective in nature.

Momosa trees are messy for sure. Plus they are resilient, like you have mentioned. My suggestion would be cut the tree down and pour straight roundup on the stump every week for 3 weeks. However since no sawing is int he works, I would trim whatever is hanging over your property. You could get in a world of poop if you get caught applying herbicides illegally on SOMEONE ELSES property. Destruction of property is one thing, this is another. Anyhow, if you insist, any number of the suggestions above should work.
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My mimosa got huge, split in two, started growing a thousand new mimosa trees and took a bulldozer to get it killed.

I hate 'em.

I noticed that a yard weedkiller has 2-4-D in it - not supposed to hurt grass, but kills weed and stuff. Are you sure it will kill a tree?
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I said Garlon earlier because I saw a guy that worked for the power company spraying it on trees under the power line in the woods. The next time I was in that place everything under the powerline was dead. big and small trees alike but the ground cover either survived or recovered quickly. He didnt spray much and he sprayed it directly on the tree. This leads me to believe that it would be perfect for your situation. But you really should try to work it out with your neighbor first.

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Chain Saw
Just my .02
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