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They caught the guy that killed DanL!!!!!!

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Kenny, nextel me I've tried you a couple of times and I need to talk to you about something
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Becca, To loose a Loved one to a Tragedy is not like loosing someone for health reasons, I know I have been down that road. There is no justice for loosing a loved one. Time will heal but Danny will never be missed. He is in your heart forever. This is to everyone else respect Becca and leave the hear says or news out of the threads it is hard enough for her and the Family,
God Be With Danny and may the love of Danny be with you Becca forever,
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Originally posted by babybro
I can even describe the disgust I felt today when I read that article in the paper.My heart is so heavy.I will say that no one overstepped any bounderiesin writing to the record.I myself
am thinking about writing to them but I don't think I could do it without using a bunch of four letter words.I am just sick to my stomach.Today for the frist time I shut my cell phone off because I can't bear to talk to anyone.I felt like the paper made my brother look like a monster that drives around with total lack of self control and disregard for others.
Cut and paste King pins letter and send that. I think his letter is a good one and is very strongly worded with out showing bad taste in language.

Put your best foot forward!
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I have stayed out of this tragedy except for the time when I said I would lend a helping hand if needed. The reason for that is I don't talk about sickness, dying, or death very well. I have lived and driven in CA for some time until recently and road rage was coined there by the local authorities. Legal defense strategies, analysts expert opinion or all this other happy horse**** doesn't lend any resolve to this family's grieving. That being said the guy is still guilty of manslaughter at least and should get him some type of prison term. Now back in the old days there used to be honor among thieves and for Danny's sake lets hope that still holds true.

Becca, Babybro, and the rest of The Lanza family you still and always will have my condolences.

Sean Stinson
Dying,....Is the day worth living for!!!!!!
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Amen, Sean..
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My thoughts here about what happened are speculation, but based on facts I have seen with mine own two eyes in 10 years of being a Firefighter and EMT. If Dan was run down by this truck, he would have had physical indications of being run over. I do not mean to get too graphic here; but reports stated their were no indications of outside body physical trauma. This leads me to believe that Dan was struck by the front of the pickup, or at least the side, and this asinine fool, knew damn well what he hit and how. A very good friend of mine hit a 13 year old girl, weighing 200lbs; a few years ago in his large pickup truck, with a huge bumper and grill guard, and this poor girl destroyed his truck. He was only doing 40mph, and she destroyed the front up into the radiator and fan shroud, and went over the truck; actually breaking the metal and welds in the homemade bumper; as well as the windshield. (She threw herself in front of him to commit suicide; awful story, my friend had his two toddlers in the truck; and all three of them have had adverse effects ever since.) There is obviously much, much more to this story, and A LOT of it rests in the truck and what it looks like, that is if it even still exists.

All the words I and others have said here, really don't mean a whole lot about what happened. We can only have faith in what justice and investigative systems we have in place.

To the Lanza family and close friends, my prayers and thoughts and support are behind you. I wish to you that only the truth, and what the truth deserves come to light. This is going to be a long and tough road ahead. It is going to get worse before it gets better. Please be strong and always remember to do the right thing. Whatever punishment this asinine fool receives here on this earth, we know he will get his fitting end after he departs. I think I can speak for just about all of OSO, in saying that please, do not hesitate to call on, or lean on, us at anytime for anything that you all may need.

Again, my condolences.

Thank you T2X and OSO.


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I am happy for the family in that some questions have now been answered. Not knowing can be far more damaging than the truth. I only hope the case is quickly resolved without the family being dragged through a prolonged court ordeal. My best wishes to the family and friends.
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Let Justice be served, and don't let ignorent people bring you down with stupid statements, keep your head up
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This is the tough part......they caught him, but now he has to be prosecuted and punished. We all know what should happen to this guy but will a jury do the right thing? I certainly hope and pray for their collective discernment. After the bell tolls, there is always financial punishment via civil suit for wrongful death. But that is getting ahead of things. Keep your head up and look at it as a process which might not make all the right turns as it progresses, but the end result is what is important. I'm sure good people are working on the prosecutions' side and want justice to be served. However, these people don't usually just come out and make statements like the guys defense attorney did. They hold their cards for the trial. The evidence will crush this guy. It's hard, but have patience. We are behind you.

This guy should not see the light of day!

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Default I AM SICK

Driver charged in fatal hit-run in West Milford
Saturday, November 16, 2002

Staff Writer

A Chester man turned himself in to West Milford police Friday morning, saying he left the scene of an accident that killed a township resident.

Frederick Harvey Jr., a 56-year-old retired computer professional, was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident on the morning of Nov. 2. Daniel Lanza, 46, was found dead on the side of Clinton Road, near his car and not far from his home. He went out to buy bagels.

Police had circulated thousands of fliers and asked for the public's help in locating a late-model silver Ford F-150 pickup seen leaving the accident. Detective Sgt. Harry Shortway would say only that the truck, belonging to Harvey, struck Lanza and that Harvey left the scene.

Because he had very few external injuries, it was initially believed that Lanza had suffered a heart attack. An autopsy revealed massive internal trauma to the head and torso. Police had said Lanza might have been run over in a road-rage incident, because witnesses reported seeing the men's vehicles passing one another on the narrow road. But on Friday they did not mention road rage in connection with the case.

Shortway said the investigation is continuing. Harvey posted $5,000 bail and was released after submitting an affidavit outlining his version of events. Police would not release the affidavit.

Harvey's attorney, James Maynard of Morristown, also declined to tell Harvey's side of the story, but alleged the victim had been involved in road-rage incidents.

"We are limited from getting into the facts at this stage of the case," Maynard said. "He's a very good person [Harvey] with no criminal history whatsoever, no DWIs, no traffic violations. He's got a clean criminal record, and he is a good and peaceful person."

Maynard met Thursday night with authorities from the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office and arranged for Harvey to turn himself in. Harvey, who is unmarried and has no children, was by himself when he went to the West Milford Police Department.

Maynard said a comparison of the men's driving history would show that Harvey has a clean record and Lanza a string of driving incidents.

"The gentleman who is deceased has a history of road-rage incidents," Maynard said.

Lanza's driving history shows that between 1976 and 1991, his license was suspended seven times, he was involved in four accidents, he received 11 tickets for speeding and other offenses, and he had been warned by the Department of Motor Vehicles as a persistent violator.

However, since 1991, Lanza had maintained a clean driving record and had all his license points removed, according to a DMV spokesman, who also confirmed that Harvey had a clean record.

Maynard declined to say why Harvey left the scene of the Clinton Road accident.

"I have represented people in the past who never even knew that something happened," he said. "It's not always clear exactly what has happened when there's a noise or a bump. I think it will come out in such a way that will show our client did not commit any crime."

A court date for Harvey had not been set as of Friday afternoon.

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