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50' Skater Kong Running HARD off Miami


50' Skater Kong Running HARD off Miami

Old 02-23-2022, 09:21 AM
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Default 50' Skater Kong Running HARD off Miami

Ringin' Kong OUT!! Some serious air. 'Ol Yves sure aint scared to run his sh*t on the edge.

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02-26-2022, 05:51 PM
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Thanks for posting Tank! That's got to be one of the baddest offshore videos ever, having both the cockpit cam and helo cam footage spliced together for 2 minutes of thrilling offshore performance. No other type boat in existence will run those waters at those speeds - big power 46 Skaters rule those conditions. I can't believe how many negative posts there are about this video. The owner/throttleman and his driver obviously know the risks they're taking, and took the precautions they felt necessary (inflatable PFDs, no passengers and big open waterways with no boat traffic). I'm 100% positive they've consumed zero alcohol before this run as well, and they obviously know how to drive/throttle in those conditions (they didn't crash). Adding to their safety, the chase helo could've picked them up out of the water had they gone over - they weren't running at death-sentence speeds, many guys have survived open cockpit accidents at 120. Very likely they had a rescue diver in the helo as well. I'm amazed by all the sh*t-talking from so many keyboard warriors that have never owned, driven or probably even been in a big power, big cat. They remind me of the fans sitting in the stands at Supercross races drinking beer and talking about how bad the riders suck out there at the back of the pack, and how they could do better. I'm glad there's still guys like Yves in this world fighting the pu*syfication of manhood as we used to know it..........
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Man loves to enjoy a wave day, love it
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Originally Posted by Nate5.0 View Post
Man loves to enjoy a wave day, love it
So true! Loves big water.
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Old 02-23-2022, 10:34 AM
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There is no way I want to ride with him.
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Originally Posted by TYPHOON View Post
There is no way I want to ride with him.

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I would not let that guy drive our 25 footer he is driving betting everyones life on luck and everyone on here knows how well and tragic that works out! the list is way to long of what happens when the front does not come back down, very few walk away often killing everyone in the boat i have been to those funerals its always heart breaking and hurts everyone in our sport .....if we ever get computer controled air foils that can shove the front down before it takes flight it will help out sport
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Sweet boat.
Horrible paint and theme.
But I don't pay his bills, so my opinion is only worth this post.

He had a bad incident in 2001 where his passenger died, running similarly.
He also wrecked a 32' Doug Wright in 2018.
At a very minimum, I'd be wearing Lifelines during that stint.
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thanks for the share... love all the vids hes put out of razz, avatar an now kong. Haven't seen many go stretch their hardware out like him. I'm sure the guys with him want to be there.
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Exactly why these boats are uninsurable. Does no good for the pleasure market especially the video. Nine times out of 10 it reenters and everything is fine but All it takes is one time in both passengers are in critical condition.

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Are we supposed to think that’s them talking while they’re running like that? No way. Cool video but it does spook me a couple times
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