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PhantomChaos 11-26-2002 09:52 AM

Happy Birthday UNCLE TOYS!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday Uncle Toys!!! Here's my gift to you.............a picture of you!!! I'm not sure what birtday this is for you, but let me tell you one fit this picture on here, I had to reduce it 50% from the original size. What a great day that was!!! Did you know that it's about a 50 mile round trip from Newport to Long Beach and back? That's right! One thing is for sure.....more than 50% of the people on "OffshoreOnly" are freezing thier butts off looking at this picture, and besides that, there is a 50/50 chance that they have never been in the ocean before either! Well, you have been there and done that, and it was a great day.

Have a great birthday UT, and another great year.

Risk Taker 11-26-2002 09:57 AM

ANOTHER Sag (I'm 11/28)......:D:cool::cool:. Enjoy the day U.T.

Turbojack 11-26-2002 10:01 AM

Since UT took off most of the summer to play, is he off playing today? When my guys have a birthday they always take off from work.

Tbonepmp 11-26-2002 10:01 AM

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!:) :cool: :)

Uncle Toys 11-26-2002 10:07 AM

Thanks Nort, your the best!!!! That was a great day, excuse me, that was a surreal day.

As far as which birthday this is - well, I'll never be as old as Too Old :D

Shane 11-26-2002 10:10 AM

Happy Birthday Joe!

Outlawcowgirl 11-26-2002 10:13 AM

Happy Birthday!!!! Have a good one!

scarabrick 11-26-2002 10:22 AM

Happy B-day
Your boat is awsome

WesSmith 11-26-2002 10:30 AM

Happy Birthday Joe !!!!
Us "over 30" ( way over ) guys have to stick together !

Airpacker 11-26-2002 10:32 AM

Have a Happy one Joe.Did mrs.UT get you as nice TG for your birthday present?

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