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Holy Crap You Have Got To Try This!

Old 12-12-2002, 07:53 PM
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Jim, this garbage bag thing seems interesting.. Please enlighten me more... How would one THEORETICLY go about making one of these???
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Old 12-12-2002, 09:57 PM
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(Back after a brief Hiatus.)


1. Do NOT establish a neutral flame with your oxy-acetylene rig.
2. Do NOT extinguish the flame by snuffing it out on a metal surface. (Or turning the acetylene off and then back on.)
3. Do NOT allow the (now non-burning) gasses to fill some sort of container. (Hint: Little dab'll do ya! This means NOT VERY BIG.)
4. Do NOT set it in an open area with some sort of fuse (burning paper towel or whatever.)
5. DO run like hell and cover your ears.
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I'm still not breathing normally after laughing so hard about the egg explosion in the sink story.

This one may sound terribly cruel, but if you want the best tasting lobster you've ever had, put a live one in a Ziploc freezer bag, poke a few holes in the bag with a fork, and put it in the micro for 10 minutes straight.

After a couple of minutes, it stops squirming around, and then just cooks in its own juices (as opposed to losing flavor away into boiling water).

Tastiest lobster you'll ever eat.
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A rubber makes a nice sized bomb. A garbage bag really is too much.
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Old 12-13-2002, 01:45 PM
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I hear the same works for grasshoppers
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My brother danny loved to take a paint can dump some chlorine
from the pool and then dump gasoline in it and slam on the lid.
I'll never for get the results.
We were kids watching t.v. and all of the sudden the house shook,from aloud explosion.
We when outside and there was danny laughing his ass off.
The paint can was half full of pink paint.And it was everywhere.
On the leaves of trees the house the cars everything.
My poor parents,with them having 7 boys this stuff happened all the time.
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lot safer version just as devestating is Dry iCE in a 2 litre coke bottle couple drops of water screw lid on tight and place near unsuspecting soul ( possibly buddy at work bech beside you) tell no one you did it becuse of this day & time manufacturing of explosive stuff can get you in a lot ...uh.... uh you know trouble
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Long time ago welded up a 4' long 6" piece of steel sewer pipe capped one end made a stand. burned a hole on the side at the bottom and filled it with gas from the torch then let it rip. I still hear ringing some times.
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Originally posted by Madcow
A garbage bag really is too much.
I agree! I was working at a shop doing Car alarms, Cell Phones, any aftermarket part you can think of.....why we had an Oxy-aceteline torch there is beyond me....but anyway, they had some big promo and had a whole bunch of baloonsleft over from the gig. We took a big bunch of them....went and filled a garbage bag about 1/2 full of aceteline and tied the bag to the baloons.......took about 6' of toilet paper as a fuse and taped it to the bag and let it fly.............much to our dismay.....the garbage bag was a tad heavy for two day old helium baloons and it was floating upwards VERY slowly......only to get stuck on the top of a tree next to a transformer! We were all about 150' away from this and were wondering what is gonna become of this situation! blew....knocked the Lighting wire off the top of the trasformer pole....and i swear the shockwave moved the hairs on my arms and legs!!! It was the single loudest thing i have heard to date yet!!!..............


Do not fill a fresh garbage bag with ANY explosive gas!!! When you open a fresh bag there is static electricity inside the bag between the liners....i've heard of a guy who was filling a garbage bag with some other gas and when it ignited it blew his pants clean off him and knocked him across the room....

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another way is a 5 gallon bucket w/ lid, spark plug, 100' wire and a mag.

fill bucket, put on the lid with the spark plug tapped into the lid and wired to the mag. Hide behind corner of the building because your fixing to blow that bucket 3 blocks apart and set off every alarm near buy, then give that mag a twist.

Warning if it does not go off, twist the mag the other direction before coming out from cover.
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