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Duct have you used it to make a repair, etc...marine or otherwise.

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On that note:

When I worked in the speed shop we used to keep an MSD tester on the table you could open the gap and watch the spark difference between the MSD & points style system. I'd take a business card stick it in the spark and let it burn, then give a card to the guy standing on the other side of the counter to watch him get shocked (oops didn't mean to give him the one with the foil backing!!)
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Has anyone ever used it on DUCT work like the name DUCT tape implies??? LOL!!!
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Thumbs up Islamorada 1999....Never race without a roll in the cockpit!

1999 APBA Islamorada we had to just finish the race to win the F1 Gold Cup Series , Innovation put stainless steel bolts in the motor supports and they sheared off. The motor cocked over and ripped the exhaust away from the transom. I jumped back in the engine compartment and put a full roll between the rubber and stainless exhaust. Finished the race and the rest is history! BH
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They don't call it "200 mph tape for nothin' "

I've used it for all kinds of things, but never on a duct!!

Someone in my office just last week was telling me that duct tape is the best cure for warts. He said that you just cut a piece and stick it on the wart and leave it. warts to try it on

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2 incidents

1. I Barrel rolled a tunnel hull in a race in Picton, Ontario while testing. Boat lost part of the deck and sponson. I 'm taken to the medics and when I return the entire starboard side of the boat was covered in duct tape. It ran for three laps like that....and then came apart.....

2. Sitting at the Pier House Bar at Key West in 86-or-87...the one by the pool. Keith Eickhert, at that time with Apache, is sitting on a stool....drinking quietly while all about him are ......partying. This goes on for a few hours when I notice that Keith is about to speak........ I silence the crowd....and we listen intently for Keith is the shy and quiet type. Keith says in a very slurred voice. "Do you know why you wrap hamsters in duct tape?"..... the crowd mummers...but no one has the answer. Keith staggers to his feet and yells...."To keep them from exploding when you f*#% 'em." ............... Keith then fell down.

Don't blame was Eickhert's line!

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Not only does it repair things, but it can also make things look BIGGER!!

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Duct have you used it to make a repair, etc...marine or otherwise.-priceless.jpg  
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Default Re: Re: Duct tape...

Originally posted by jafo
You don't even want to know what we use that stuff for around aircraft!
(just kidding of course)
Ya, or super glue. hu man
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Originally posted by RumRunner
Nope not from his car, but I know some guys who wired a guys horn to his brake light switch for being a pain in the but !!! The next time to his head lights when he was leaving for a long ride....
I did that to my boss... well a version of it... I work for a cellular company and when I was an installer I had to put a phone in his car. I connected his left turn signal to his horn. I found out 2 days later that he must not use them all that often.... That is when he came to me to have it disconnected.... turns out his WIFE was driving when she "found" what I had done....

Super glue IS a great substance also. We had a tech that worked for us who HATED bugs... didnt matter what kind, just hated them. We glued a large roach(this thing was huge! like almost 1 1/2 inches!) to the inside of his tool kit... He came back from lunch, and within 5 minutes found it.... he FREAKED OUT... ran out of the room and refused to come back in until we got rid of it... ahhhh then fun we had...
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Clear Silicon !!!!

Take clear silicon, and squeeze it into the door jams of a car that happens to be parked in YOUR spot... It will set up over night, they'll have to break out a window, climb in, and kick the doors open from the inside (or so I've been told I would never do something like this !!!)
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it was 1988
junior year in college.
friend borrowed his brother's car to take 6 of us to the Journey concert in detroit. normally a 3 hr drive .took us 6!!!! engine kept overheating and blowing off the hose, we kept adding duct tape to that blasted bottom hose!!!! left the car right in front of Joe Louis Stadium and made the second song of Journey.

friend's brother drove to detroit to pick us up. towed the car home at 70mph at 3:00am to 6:00am. it was cold in that rear car, window kept frosting over. even rode over the tow rope one time!!!

also used it to keep the windshield from blowing off a solar powered race vehicle. the race was nearing the end. I was in 3rd and the sun was shining on the Phoenix international raceway. I was doing 72mph on that track powered by the sun!!. the front body section would create lift above 56mph. (the vehicle looked like a tear drop). and the windshield almost ripped off. had to come in for a pit stop. added 100mph tape just like Earnhard!!!! and off again. Met Mario Andretti in person that day. 1990.

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