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Stupidest Boat related thing you did in 2002

Old 12-31-2002, 04:42 PM
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Having (3) fricking boats !!!! Wardey
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Old 12-31-2002, 04:52 PM
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we had a exhaust leak at the 1000 island poker run . I tried to patch it a few times during the run but it just kept on leaking. so we ran the run with the hatch up slightly to vent out the bilge. need less to say this didn't slow down my driving and we hit a big wake and off went the hatch about 15 ft in the air and right in the river. thank god no one was hurt .... just my pride when I was tiring to drag a water soaked hatch back on to the boat. unfortunately this was not the only time this happened this season.
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Old 12-31-2002, 04:54 PM
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Leaving a restaurant at Great Oaks on the Chesapeake last September at about 7:30 pm. Had about 20 minutes of daylight left and a 22 mile ride home. Going to be a fast ride , right...WRONG . Starboard engine spark. Didn't have a test light or meter with me , so we had a 2 hr ride @ 10mph on one engine (thank god the tide was with us).
WELL , next morning check voltage to coil...ok. Pop in a new module... no help. Run around sunday morning to find an open service or parts dept for a dist. pickup. $90 later got one. put it help WTF....................................lean over the bolster from the back seat to try to start in one more time to find the safety lanyard from the starboard engine on the floor.
Push in the button , hit the key and rumpa , rumpa , rumpa
Went in the house and my wife says"Oh what was it?". Oh that damned pickup

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Old 12-31-2002, 05:05 PM
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Originally posted by Intolerant1
bige wins. Not for doing it...but for admiting
I AGREE.... THAT IS SOME FUNNY S***!!!!!!!!! LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!
(What you see, is what you get!)
"Live every day to it's fullest for you give a day of your life to it."
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Old 12-31-2002, 05:09 PM
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Easter wekkend at LOTO, 16 of us,
3 coolers, and a 13 year old chocolate lab,
decided to take a ride on the "fountoon"
(a 24' riviera cruiser pontoon) from chimney
cove to the lake view area ( approx 2 miles)
got the thing going a eye watering 7mph
on gps, lake was rough, 2 or 3 inch sea's,
halfway into the ride, one of the guys in the
back decides he wants to ride up front,
a 400 pound weight swing.
as you can guess, the fountoon stuffed,
there was a foot of water back at the helm area,
more up front, the women were screaming, everyone
was wet, the only one happy about this was the dog.
after we got our **** together and started going again,
one of the guys up front yelled "hey you better turn around"
the 3 coolers were floating out in the middle of the main
channel, gathered up the coolers, headed back home,
the 60 hp evinrude started making abnormal noises,
# 2 piston burnt.
then i got my first experience on rebuilding outboard

and yes, we had enough PFD'S
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Old 12-31-2002, 05:28 PM
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How's this, 3' x 4' x 7' deep water drain behind my boat in my shop where I just winterized and had some of my employees wash her down for the winter. Without me knowing someone removes the whole drain cover to sweep the water down faster and wouldn't you know I come walkin on by trying to get the cover on, BAM!!! next thing you know I seven feet down in a puddle of nasty water and sludge with a torn rotater cuff in my right shoulder. Pretty dam stupid!!!
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Old 12-31-2002, 05:38 PM
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Ok, got two.Last spring when dewinterizing boat thought I would save the antifreeze so I put drain plug in before draining engine's, thinking I'd catch it in buckets and save for next winter. Well halfway through second engine the automatic bilge pump pumped ten gallons of antifreeze onto garage floor! #2 While rafted with my brotherinlaw I tried to hold boats apart with my feet when a tugboat went by, resulting in one broke foot!
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Old 12-31-2002, 05:41 PM
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1. Got out of the Marina into Kings Bay. I had to turn off the engine to unlock the cabin and turn on the stereo. When I tried to crank the boat again just heard click, click. I switched to battery #2 and same thing. I hooked up the jump box, same thing again. I checked the wires at the switch and the starter and everything seemed tight. I flagged down a friend to tow me back in. I spent over an hour checking every connection I could think of. Since it did this with both batteries I never thought the problem could be at the battery. Coincidentally, both batteries had a loose cable.
2. Went scalloping one afternoon. Anyone in Fl. knows how quick a storm can blow in. While we were under water, 2 fish and wildlife officers got our attention to let us know a storm was coming. We hurried back into the boat secured everything and took off. I imediately heard a loud noise and looked back to see the anchor flooping around behind us. Fortunately I only bent a prop (keep in mind, we were about 3 mi from where a guy died from lightning strike 3 days before).
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Old 12-31-2002, 06:46 PM
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well, a few months ago, i remember reading a thread on here about the "cool factor" and the "cool" things that judge your "cool factor".

the one that stuck out the most to me was leaving the fenders tied to the side of the boat while underway. i think i even remember a few pics of this.

weeellllll......., about a day after telling a buddy about this and adding a few more "cool factor" qualifications, we participated in a poker run. the last stop was lunch at a local marina so everyone was there. after lunch, we headed out to the final stop and after a full day of running with 4 passengers, i assumed they all had understood the untying procedures. i guess not and didn't double check because i proudly (although unknowingly) headed up the lake some 15 miles with the fenders floppin in the breeze.

of course my buddies noticed this and i'm still hearing about my "cool factor" rating of "1".

i probably wasn't more than a 6 to begin with but damn, i can't afford to be a "1". i'm still trying to redeem my cool factor.
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Old 12-31-2002, 07:03 PM
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Default Just the first 10

1) spent 1/2 a nice day with glassdave trying to get motors to start... nothing.. new plugs wires tested every freakin wire NOTHING... won't start... so screw it... no boating today.look and there is my life jacket with 2 lanyards attached and laying on the front deck..

2)let a girl drive my boat after a few (hey cute and bigguns... you would have too) and she ran it on ground (not fast at all and in sand)

3)buzzed the "docks" a chain of resutants on the river.. no wake zone at full speed (again glassdave involved)

4) ran through tizbad rooster tail of his 39 ocean that is about 12 miles long and hurts kinda bad..LOL

5)ran all the way down the river about 10 miles in the dark on a small zodiak with a 25hp merc (scarriest damn thing I have ever driven.. even has a stainless prop) to tow in a topgun that ran outta gas (again glassdave involvment there too)

6)Captain morgan

7)punching my friends radar unit after it punched me first in the eye while looking for a spot on the radar arch to lie down morgan involvment

8)leaving the hose hooked to the boat as well as the extention cord as I left the driveway

9)got a girlfriend in the begining of boating season.. wised up 3/4 the way through and she is now moving away with her new nonboat owning man...

10)got a dock next to glassdave and a few of my other buddies to keep the boat in on weekend...again morgan involment
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