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Okay guys, don't fall out of your seats but...

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Totally agree with Mcollinstn. Money can't buy safe operating. Start with something non-high perf then move up for next season. Just too risky for him, passengers and you and I.
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I agree too , I started with a 50hp 15' just 4 years ago
had it 3 months its was my "do I want to be a boater boat"
then on to a 165hp 20' er that took me to last spring
when I sprung for a 25' 300hp, AND IM STILL NOT READY
for a 37 AT, I took the boating course too and I was amazed at what I learned .
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I must agree with the last few posts... I have been in boats for most of my life, and even I didnt go and buy one that big. I have a "little" 24' with a single in a WORST case scenario that would be the BIGGEST boat to start with!
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Don't tell him about OSO! Then he will know how much work you don't get done. (haha)
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Originally posted by mcollinstn

Port tab, Port trim, Stbd tab, Stbd trim, Port shift, Port throttle, Stbd shift, Stbd throttle, Duplicate gauges, GPS, Depth sounder, VHF, Stereo, Bowrise and limited visibilty over the bow, Sluggish and heavy handling hull at speeds under 30.

I AM SORRY. THAT IS TOO MUCH STUFF FOR A 1st timer. I don't care how much money he has -
I agree. He should start out with a 28'ish single engine boat. Trying to be a newbie AND have a twin engine 80 MPH boat is crazy IMHO.

A year ago, I stepped up from a 28' to a 34' and the difference was incredible. I was hard pressed to run the boat properly the first few times out. Now it is like breathing; I just do it. Plus I was no newbie to boat either. Been boating for 30+ years.

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speel chekk this fokker!
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you know he can get a small "training" boat while he waits for the OL to be biult.

if he heads down to miami for the show e-mail me. I'll be down there and i'd gladly show him around the performance boats.
Pardon me, while I whip this out!
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Old 01-15-2003, 01:26 PM
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This guy has no business starting out with this much boat. He has more money than sense. Tell him to call around and try to find insurance on this boat with his lack of experience. I hope he comes to his senses before he hurts someone.
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Yes he does have more money than sense

I was thinking that although these are big boats if he gets small power he'd be okay???

He is very stubborn and hard headed and always has/wants the best of everything. I originally steered him in the Baja direction but he looked on his own and found AT's and OT's. I had no idea he was even this serious about a boat till he asked my opinion. Going to a boat show and spending time is a hard one to do...We're building a nuclear power plant right now and renovating another. Plus he is always out rounding up more business because he is never satisfied.

What do you guys think about a new 30' Outlaw with 496's??
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Its not rocket science. A little commen sense and some time behind the wheel and he will be fine. Im sure BD will be glad to help him out. Think of all the money you could have saved starting out with what you really wanted.
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I'm sticking to my guns.
FIRST boat.
You got all the "little issues" amplified.

Not acceptable to me. Let me know where he's boating the first season so I can keep my kids and family away from him...

I'd MUCH rather he develop his seat time in a far less dangerous projectile.
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