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How many women does it take to load a boat?

Old 01-23-2003, 07:39 AM
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This summer I have to teach the wife how to back up the trailer. She can tow it forward, no trouble (anyone can).

I also found a neat little device that will allow me to release the safety hook without getting out of the truck.
No, it's not the wife.
It's a snap-shackle meant for use on a snail boat. The shackle has a spring loaded catch that a line can be attached to. All I need is to pass a line through the trucks back window, back the boat in the water, pull the line and she's floating free. No climbing out on the trailer to unhook the safety.
Cool, eh?
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Old 01-23-2003, 09:37 AM
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it only took my ex-wife one lawyer with a court order.and she had the boat loaded and gone in seconds.....what a BI__H !
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Old 01-23-2003, 05:40 PM
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The real answer is ONE if she is good.

We have an understanding that we both will be able to drive the truck, trailer, launch and recover the boat. She handles the get ready of the boat while I hook up for launch. I'll usually back down the ramp but the rest is in her hands. She is capable of driving and docking the boat with very few occassions where I will have to help (except for tieing up). When it is time to put the boat away for the weekend I get off the boat and let her mill around while I get the truck and trailer ready for her to load the boat on. After all is said and done I handle the wipe down while she cleans the inside for the next adventure.
It is a very good idea to have a first mate capable of handling the boat BECAUSE you never know when it will become necessary for her to do it.
Take the time and teach (but trust me the patience does wear thin sometimes). Oh well that's why I learned to fix the "oops's"encountered through out the boating experience.
And to that I say thank you to all the females that do have the balls to take charge sometimes and learn how to handle a boat.
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Old 01-23-2003, 07:50 PM
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I agree ONE good one!!! Then again, I don't care how many women it takes...... long as they look good in those bikinis!!!! My littleeastcoastb drives the boat on and off the trailer and picks me up and drops me off nose first at the dock..... before we started dating, she never handled a boat..... what a first mate!!! And she's a slam dunk in a bikini!!!! I wish more woman would take an interest in the various tasks of boating, I think they would enjoy it a lot more..... there's a lot of arm candy out there....
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Old 01-23-2003, 07:57 PM
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Hey,just think,if you have a heart attack or hurt yourself,cant drive for some reason,how you gonna get back to your car or someplace for help! its hard enough to get someone to help,even if your ok sometimes. tripps
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Old 01-23-2003, 09:39 PM
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Originally posted by tripps
Hey,just think,if you have a heart attack or hurt yourself,cant drive for some reason,how you gonna get back to your car or someplace for help! its hard enough to get someone to help,even if your ok sometimes. tripps
Hey Tripps - it happened to me, not a heart attack but a broken collar bone, check out my reply a few above yours, that is why all women good looking or butt ugly need to know how to do everything with boating. Eric
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Old 01-23-2003, 11:44 PM
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We made our launching alot easier this past summer when we put our boat in a Hi-Dri. We get there and the boat is on the forks ready to go. We load our crap in and the wife situates all of it while I idle to the gas dock and top off the tank. Before this we had it down she would pay the Ramp manager while i unhooked all of the straps and put in the plugs, I would back it down and she would tie it off and warm it up. Coming out, I would back it in and load it onto the trailer then she would pull the truck out and find a spot to unload and clean. Like clockwork!!!
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Old 01-23-2003, 11:52 PM
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Old 01-24-2003, 12:09 AM
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This summer is going to be the summer that Pam learns how to drive the boat. She is worried sick of ruining it. I said look I painted it once I will do it again. Not a bid deal if we get a small chip or scratch. She does not drink however so I would MUCH rather get a ding or scratch then have a BUI on my record!!! I think that women can often times drive boats much better then men. Especially if they learn from a good driver. THEY LISTEN.

I have seen BCC do her thang and she does it OH SO WELL
Put your best foot forward!
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My wife has been at the wheel, bars, or helm of everything we have owned over the many years. She never ceases to amaze me.

The best story. I bought a 31 Warlock with a T53 Turbine and Arneson drive. Had no idea what I was getting into. Took ten months and much test time to get it working and dependable. I took the boat & wife to the river to get her up to speed.

I moved to the passenger seat & started to explain how it worked. She gave me that "look" & said "don't you think I have been watching". She proceeded to wind the turbine like she had been doing it for ever. Brought it on a plane and went thru a series of manuvering moves, fooled with the trim till it set. and proceded to 100+.

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