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How many women does it take to load a boat?

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Default How many women does it take to load a boat?

After careful observation, I've noticed something! We women want men to help out with the parenting of our kids, but what about us women helping out with our mens' babies? This not only includes wiping down the boat in a bikini but loading/unloading the boat. I rarely see it happening, but I've been able to deduce a formula to how many women it takes to unload a boat! Atleast 4: 1 to back the trailer into the water (after of coarse the plug), jump out of the truck (in park ladies!), into the boat, back the boat out and idle it to the dock, tie off, jump out of the boat, run back to the truck, park the trailer, back to the dock, untie, and off you go... 3 to sit and look like they know what they're doing! Now of coarse, if a man is involved, things go a lot more smoothly... there's someone to deal with the plug in and hand me a beer on my way back to the truck! Loading the boat, well, just do those steps in reverse!
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I'm not sure where this is going, but my wife and I make a pretty good team when it comes time to launch or retrieve.
While she's getting the ramp permit I'm installing the plugs, when she returns she'll double check to be sure I didn't miss one, we'll both remove the tie down straps, she'll attach a line to a bow cleat, I'll back it in then release the safety hook, she'll guide it off the trailer and tie it up while I park the rig.
Retrieving is almost the opposite. She'll guide it or drive it onto the trailer while I stand by the safety hook, I'll pull it out of the water and we both prep it for the road.

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I personally enjoy helping my husband launch and retrieve the boat, along with helping to clean etc. We seem to make a good team too. I used to drive the boat on when we had a single engine, but then we got twins....that's a different story. After I got the boat on the trailer crosswise and he had to wade out waist deep to rescue me, I decided to take over the truck and trailer. At least the truck stops when I put on the brakes!

After we get out of the water, we both share the cleaning responsibilities. He washes the outside while I clean the vinyl etc on the inside and unload all of our crap. We only switched responsibilities when I was 7-8+ months pregnant....He didn't want me climbing around that far up and chance falling off. Must have looked kind of funny wiping down the boat with that big of a belly
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Almost like Iggy's routine.
Pull into the marina , I get in the boat and attach lines and fenders , wife removes tie downs and takes cover off powerwinch , I then back it down the ramp and stop at waters edge to unhook winch and safety chain , back to truck and go the last 8' and hit the brakes...We're in. Coming out , I get the truck and my wife and occasionally lazy marina help guide boat on trailer while I balance myself on the front of the trailer to hook up the winch cable. Once up the ramp ( and out of the way) I grab a wet towel and wipe the scum off while she puts the tie downs on and covers the winch , I climb up and take off lines and fenders , then hand down misc. $hit that she puts in truck and returns with cover and struggles to get it up on the deck. I finish up the cover get down and check the tie downs ( shes not strong enough)and off we go for home. Back into the driveway and we're ready to go again

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The wife handles the truck and I do the boat, loading and unloading. She used to do both on the last boat, but isn't comfortable with the dual levers on the current boat. We can back in, unload and she drives off in matter of a couple of minutes. The wife can put over 1/2 of the men to shame handeling the truck and trailer. I wouldn't want anyone else helping me. She makes ME look good.
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My wife handles the boat and I get the truck. She can put it on the trailer first time 95% of the time. I know her routine and she knows mine. I have seen her put it on the trailer in windy/fast current situations better than quite a few guys.I definatley wouldnt trade her.
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I once had myself ,two buddies and 5 strippers from the local establishment on the boat. It was pretty loaded then
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Heres some woman boating stories youll like!! my wife handles the boat and trailer anytime,the only thing she dont like is when she puts the 3 mercs in gear and one of them stall!! i just hit the key real fast and its runnin again. those big props stall it sometimes.Once we were at the beach partying all day and she drove home,it was pretty exciting. usually when i start off i gradually give it gas,not her,she blasted the sticks,boat leaps out ,good thing i was holding on and next thing we were blasting accross the bay head on into2 foot white caps!! fortunally the boat handles it quite well and she does a good job,i was on the trim switches and we were in compleate control,arived safley at our next destination. Then anothertime i had a 24 bannana without trimtabs,i come home from work and there it is,on the trailer with a new set of bennets on it!!! Her sister helped take the boat out of the water,tow it home,put them on,and only had one problem,one of the pipes that go thru the transom got a little striped and i fixed it with a little locktite.they still work to this day plus she can read a chart and plot a course bouy to bouy anywhere we want to go! I just keep it running and she always remember the bottleopener tripps
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My girlfriend won't drive the truck with a trailer (loaded or unloaded) attached. Scared of it. I figure if she's scared of it then it is better that I do it myself.

At the ramp, I prefer little to no help. I have it down to a science. Just hold a line and do nothing else, thanks.

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When I met my husband I had a boat I used to trailer, put in and take out myself granted it was only a 23 Nova but I was quite capable. When we got married we sold my boat and kept his boat 38 Top Gun obvious choice . He would never let me do anything. I always wanted to but he said I can do it myself and he had it down to a science but I still wanted to help, truck and trailer or boat it didn't matter. I never had a problem with helping with the cleaning, loading or unloading of the boat but I know alot of women that do absolutely nothing to help except ofcourse pass out the cocktails
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