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Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

Old 02-11-2003, 10:50 AM
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Default Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

After seeing what has happened to a number of my friends including death I truly beleive that I have lost interest in street bikes. I've had many close calls but the man upstairs has always looked out for me. I can remember back some years ago on a Kawasaki 900 coming into a turn in full tilt and seeing an old man look at me twice before pulling out in front of me. I can remember looking at my options to slide the bike out, hit a curb and go into a rock wall or just try and ride it out. I chose to ride it out and it was the right decision. Everything went into slow motion and into tunnel vision that seemed like hours but was in fact only seconds. I will still ride motorcross bikes due to the fact there are no old drivers in cars to look out for. Bike week for me is cancelled, I have no interest after Mike's accident. Mike, get well soon and remember there is always something good that comes out of something bad. When we reach the age of family life with your wife and kids, they are far too important than to take the risks of being a target for some driver that should not be on the road to begin with. Dave Warden
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Old 02-11-2003, 11:04 AM
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Great decision...although it can be difficult to give up something you have a passion for! We have heard countless stories like this and learning from others experiences...although sometimes painful...makes us stronger and wiser.

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been 2 years since I road my bike
I have somewhat listened to my voice and have lost interest also.
Makes you wonder how I can still run a boat upto 90 without thinking twice about it tho'
I have a street bike not a rocket, 1984 1100 Kawasaki Ltd
It is not a racer by any means, but I have used its power band more times then not.
I too have had people pull out in front of me, I too know the Tunnel Vision feeling when riding it out.
Humm..... Wonder if thats the real reason why the boat name is

Get well Mike, we know the pain life can cause.
This Cat is trying to keep up with the Big Dogs
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I had numerous bikes between 1964 and when I sold my last bike in 1984 when my son was born. I had seen enough sad situations that I made a deal with myself not to buy another bike until my son was out of the house. The risk seemed disproportionate to the importance of being there for my son. He is now a freshman in college and I'm considering whether I want to ride again. At 56, my reflexes aren't what they used to be and after reading about Mike's unfortunate accident, it becomes difficult to justify riding again. I doubt that I will.

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Man you got me thinking too , I have a 160mph gsxr
and I dont feel like loosing my life on it, I stay out of the city
I try to drive defensively but, Who knows if the guy on the corner
that has made Eye contact with you, really see's you?
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Old 02-11-2003, 11:45 AM
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I feel your pain. In the spring of '93 I purchased a brand spankin new ZX-11. This was my second one. Dark red and extrememly cool! I spent the few nice days of early spring testing the limits of the machine. (180 on the speedo going home one fine day ) Keep in mind that out here in the sticks, other drivers and vehicles are few and far between especially off the main highways. I enjoyed the bike tremendously, but still liked my Springer softail Harley for cruising.
My best friend had a panhead that was cool, but always seemed to be broken .
One nice sunny Sunday afternoon, we met our girlfriends on the bikes and headed to town. After riding for some time, we got thirsty. We, of course, headed for the local bar. We spent all afternoon and early evening there, playing pool and having a blast. We actually consumed only four or five drinks each (over a six hour period). It was dark when we headed to my house for dinner. The girls left a little earlier to starting cooking. I live 11 miles North of our little town, and we left together. I wicked the ZX up to 160 or so at the edge of town and left my buddy in the dust. He was riding my springer Harley (his wouldn't start as usual )
One mile from my house I slowed for the turn off the highway. The next thing I know, I had missed the turn and flew off the road at 70+ mph, landing in a field. I knew I was hurt as blood was running out of my boot and I couldn't attempt to walk. I crawled out of the ditch as I knew no one would be able to see me at night. I kept wondering when my buddy would come by, as he was about a mile or two behind me. After some time, a car finally drove by, and I flagged them down. It was the local sherriff and his EMT wife. They had received a call about a motorcycle accident, and since they lived close, they were on their way to help out. They looked confused when they found me.
It turns out that a mile or so behind my location, my buddy had attempted to pass a semi, when a car popped over a little hill right in front of him. He and the truck hit the brakes at the same time, and he couldn't make it back behind the truck in time. He got into the wheel on the trailer, and it threw him right out in front of the oncoming car. Fortunately he was killed instantly.

I'm sorry for the long post, but it took me 12 months to walk again without crutches or a cane, and to this day although I still ride motorcycles, I am very careful as to where I ride, and I constantly watch myself and others, preparing mentally for the worst at all times.

I have given up fast street bikes, and stuck with Harleys, fast boats, drag cars, and even the occasional Drambuie on Ice boat ride
I don't miss them.
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I have a zx-7r sitting in my garage that has not moved in almost 3 years. last time it was out I caught myself racing a friend down the center turn lane WELL into the triple didgets with my wife on the back.....I slowed down, turned around putzed back home and have not riden after that
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Old 02-11-2003, 12:05 PM
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Like I said in the other post,,, I loved to ride but after my wreck (90+) Its just not worth it,,,I'm done .................
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I too had a scary situation as I posted in the other thread. I chose to ride my ZX9R to work (which I never did) that day and on the Northway traffic was stopped. I stopped and I could hear brakes screeching behind me. I knew I was in trouble (it is terrible when you have time to think about it). A pickup with a full plow apparatice(sp) had the front locked up (lucky for me), because that allowed the truck to drift to one side and he hit me with his driver side light assembly. The plow ram passed over my right shoulder and pinned me against the car in front of me. The guy got out of the truck to check on me, but the people on site told him he had to get the truck backed up so I could get out. The lady in the car in front of me was a little excited and said she thought I was coming through her window. Everybody there (even the guy who hit me) were great. Luckily, I was able to walk away (hobble) and had no lasting injuries. That was the last time I rode a bike. Not that I am afraid of it, but that I don't have a great ambition to do it again. I have seen to many of my friends get hurt and I went and bought a boat and have not regreted my decision.
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You can add me to the list as well. Rode from when I was about 20 up until a few years ago (Right in between when I got married and when my daughter was born.)
When I was single, I had my fair share of scares, saw some very bad things happen to riding buddies, but I figured it would never be me. Even it was, I was willing to take that chance.
After I got married, and knowing we would be trying to have children soon, I decided it was time to stop. I let my GSXR-1100 collect dust for a few months before I finally sold it.
Since that day about 4 years ago, I've seen a good friend paralyzed form the neck down, and another killed, both on bikes.
The latter of the two was killed only 6 weeks after finally marrying the girl he had dated since we were in high school 15 years ago.
I still love bikes, but I also want my daughter to grow up with a Dad. I'll probably never own another one.
Last Spring when I was getting the itch real bad, I rented a Softail in Vegas for a day. Got it all out of my system again before I went out and did something dumb.
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