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How do you reclaim antifreeze at first start up?

Old 03-03-2003, 02:51 PM
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I had the bioderadable stuff and let it go down the driveway. I ended up killing the grass down the drive, across the front of my yard and two neihbors yards. Man was I embarrassed. It won't grow grass there anymore but at least I don't have to edge. The best and safest way is to capture it in a bucket like stated above. This will cause the least amount of damage and keep you out of jail from the DNR. Hey, it was -6 here this morning so don't be too quick to drain it
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For you guys with the dead yards, just dog out 3-4" of the contaminated soil, water down the area VERY good and then replace with shredded topsoil(pack down the soil, then put about 1/2-1" of loose stuff on top, this will prevent any sinking/compacting of the soil), put down grass seed, starter fertilizer and straw. Keep the new soil DAMP for about 4-6 weeks.....wha-la....yard will lood good again.

Just try to use a grass seed that is somewhat similiar to the existing lawn. i.e.......don't use Kentucky 31 in a Bluegrass lawn.

Later, ALLAN
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Hmm, I figured you could pour it into the river. I just went to the PEAK site and looked at the MSDS. Guess what: you can't pour it in the river. You CAN pour it down the drain, though.

Apparently while it is okay to drink the stuff, it isn't real compatible with GILLS.

Long term Toxicity levels for a minnow are 10,000mg/Liter (that's the low number - the range is up to 56,000). That's less than an ounce. This means that you can only dump 176 gallons of the stuff in a swimming pool (16,000gallons) and not kill the minnows in it. I'd sure hate like heck to dump 7 gallons of it into a billion gallon reservior that changes out the water every half hour...
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I use the same method as Allan 4
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