Girl that Drive Boats?

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Cool Girl that Drive Boats?

Just a question, How many of you let your wife/significant other captain the boat? What about docking? Linda drives now and then but mostly just OBC(offshore beverage consultant).
We were out Sunday evening for a cruise and saw 6 girls on a go fast I could imaging telling my wife hey honey take your friend out on the boat tonight, she has never docked before. Not to be sexist but have any of you guys teach your ladies how to handle the boat?
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Wife drives all the time, I throttle. I'll usually flip up the seat of the bolster so most people think she is doing it all. Great ego killer to those that want to race her
She hasn't docked the Velocity yet, but has no trouble with the Whaler, docking, on-off the lift, hitting the marina for fuel.
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Default Re: Girl that Drive Boats?

Originally posted by HebertNecessity
OBC(offshore beverage consultant).

i let my girl drive a couple times. the last time she got nervous when approaching a slow moving cruiser from behind that was throwing a normal size wake. we were going around 45 - 50, and i noticed she wasn't attempting to go left of right around the boat. we were about 30 foot from the back of the cruiser before i jumped across the cockpit and pulled back on the throttle. When i asked her why she didn't do anything...she said cause she didn't know what to do cause she was afraid of the wake. So i said..."so you thought you would just run them over? " Needless to say she hasn't driven since.
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I can drive the boat and dock it (unless it is really windy). Had no problems with the 41 and 42 Sonic and look forward to driving the 43 Black Thunder. Bill has been great when it comes to "tuning" my skills. Love the looks when guys see a female driving a "big nose, go-fast."

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My girl drove my 40' formula . I haven't talked her into the 39' express cat yet !

Where is Becca ? She could teach the girls how to drive !!
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why don't you have her start like this? practice makes perfet. that is how i learned. Teach her how to read the water and know the wind. and let her do it again and again. correcting your own mistakes is the best way to learn. Driving a small boat or a big boat it is all thesame principal. and have PATIENCE with her..
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This girl owns and drives her own boat. Docking is still a little shaky (it's a single that doesn't back up well) but the rest of it is OK. I've never had a guy around teaching me either. Most of it (especially with the Fountain) I've learned on my own.
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Ive tried to get my girlfriend to drive but she hasnt bitten yet. This year Ill insist. My younger sister said after driving for just a few minutes she felt 10 times more comfortable because she could feel the motor and why the boat was moving the way it was.
I think its pretty important that the other people on the boat could atleast move it. If something were to go wrong the chances are your wife/girlfriend is going to be there.
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Not yet, but ATTEMPTING to to teach the girlfriend to drive and dock this summer on early mornings to start with.

1) I think it will be cool if she could do it, and
2) Nobody else knows how to drive my boat and since she is he one on the boat the most, she gets to learn in case of an emergency

Then she gets to learn how to drive the truck pulling the boat
Will be a VERY interesting season
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Debbie drives some everytime out. Last weekend, she drove 34 miles on the way back.
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