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Got some bad family news yesterday.

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Waterfoul, my father has had a triple by pass and two years later had to have a valve replaced. I know it's hard to believe but these are almost routine surgeries anymore. Of course my father would always say that is easy for someone to say when their not the one going under the knife.

The Doctors had us view a tape so we would know what to expect before, during and after surgery. Expect about a week in the hospital before he can go home. The recovery process will probably take 3-6 months. My father claims he feels better now than he has in years. He is a die hard Michigan fan and quit going to games for a couple years. This past fall he started going to the games and is feeling great.

My father had his surgery at Ingham Medical Center in Lansing and they are one of the best in the country. They perform heart surgeries 24/7
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I know a lot about bypass surgery. I'm an MD and you are WAY too worried. First of all, if dad was on death's door no way his doc would even consider going to a game...or anywhere else for that matter. He'd be in ICU with monitors stuck in every orifice.

Second of all bypass surgery is about as complicated as having your appendix out. It's been refined to what we call "cookbook" status over the years. Do it by the numbers and it RARELY goes wrong. True, there is the occasional death but it's usually someone who was too far gone to begin with. Doesn't sound like dad fits this category.

I've seen a bunch of these things over the last two decades and they almost always work out well. Dad will feel great in only a few days. Biggest complication following bypass? The patient goes back to the cigarettes and Cheeto's and clogs his newly installed fuel lines. Most bypasses are good for ten years. Well managed, that can stretch to twenty. Poorly managed you can clog 'em in two.

You OSO'ers have been very kind to me in my efforts to sell my recent ill gotten boat. If I can repay by answering med questions I would be only too happy to do so. If you have more specific Q's re: dad email me anytime.

Dudley Evans, M.D.
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My father had six bypass a few years ago. He felt better afterwards than he had in years, and he has always been careful about his diet and exercise. My mom says it's the first time since they've been married that his feet aren't cold in bed. He's 76 and in better shape than I am.

Good luck, and he will feel better than ever.
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Foul, best of luck to you and your family. I do not know much about the medical feild but know many people who have been through different levels of bypass surgeries and from what you have said about your dad, it semms he will breeze right through. I think many times it is the "will" to live longer.

We'll pray for a great outcome.
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Hi, Mike. Sorry to hear the news about your dad. I hope he comes out OK. My dad had the same operation about 5 years ago and he is doing great. He said afterwards that he had not felt better in years. The medical advances in heart repair are certainly miraculous these days. Keep your chin up and try to help him through this. He is probably scared even though those old guys won't admit it. Our prayers are with you. See ya, Doug
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We will be praying for your dad and family Mike.
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Mike, Sorry to hear the news. but like has been said, it will be alright. My dad had 5 way bypass 2 years ago in November. He has been skiing the past 2 winters!! 3-6 months recoverery.

You should also have a complete checkup!! These thing can run in the family. It's easier to take a little better care now and not have to go through this.

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Mike.. my prayers are with you and your family....
You are judged by the company you keep!
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Foul, Yes, It turned into a QUAD///// No problem for a 78 yr old. You guys will be fine. God Bless
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My grandfather was actually one of the first people to get a tripple bypass. I was very young and it was the early 80's. He was actually turned down several times before they found a doctor that was willing to take the risk. He came through it just fine and he was more than satisfied with the results (he was glad to be alive). He lived a very productive life for another 10 years until he had a stroke. I think the only noticable exterior difference was a massive scar that ran down the middle of his chest and leg. Back then they had to stop the heart to work on it. I've heard that they can now do surgury on the heart with out having to stop it. Obviously this would be very desirable. Perhaps it's an option to look into.
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