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Are most OSO'ers White Republicans?

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Old 03-22-2003, 10:36 AM
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WOW! I started this thread after reading a thread posted by JDNCA1, "Why Republican". I came to realize that most on this site were probably of the Republican belief. Also, it is a fact that most boaters in the USA are caucasion. So I thought I would post a straight forward question, "Are most OSO'ers White Republicans?"
By and large the response was "Yes". What has me concerned and pissed off, is how a straight forward question can be construed as "racism".
I also asked to hear from people with another view point, and several responded. Many of the minorities who responded didn't seem to have a problem with the question. Unfortunately, Phantom Chaos, who claims to take things lightly, isn't mature enough to have an articulate adult conversation about this topic and turned this into a race issue. I considered deleting this thread, however I would be contributing to the "Politically Correct" world which I disagree with.
What is the harm in discussing one's political or racial background? On this board we've seen marriage announcements, divorces, jobs, boating locations, and multiple other boating/non baoting issues posted, but the minute one discusses his heritage or political affiliations, I'm chastized? What is wrong with being proud of one's heritage? Would you tell a black man who is proud of his heritage that he is a racist for expressing his views? I think not.
Certain people read way more into this than was asked. When Phantom asked a rehetorical question ".. we'll see threads about camel jockeys and towell heads, and sand suckers...racist and racist threads suck", I had to wonder-did he read the same post that I wrote? I never used or implied anything to that effect, nor will I.
Another questioned, what this thread has to do with boating? It may not have to do directly with boating, however it is something that many on this site have in common. This thread is probably more closely related to boating then Phantom's post on "how do I get rid of gophers"
This site has been great for me, I've met several friends who have the same unique interest as me-classic raceboats and I've forwarded photos to people I havent even met. I understand that some on this board have totaly different views then me-and thats OK, but when I'm labeled a racist-I stongly disagree.
One last thing-I grew up and have an adopted "brother" who is a minority.
Take Care, God Bless everyone!

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I am a minority. I am half Japanese. I grew up in rural New England in the 50's, 60's and 70's. I think I was probably the only minority in Northern New England at the time so there were no support groups. Believe me, I have received my share of racism and crap. It made me a very angry and a bitter man. Fortunately, I grew up, moved to Southern California and got over it. I don't encounter much racism at all anymore but believe me, I certainly recognize it when I see it.

If I state that I am a proud Asian does that make me racist?

If I inquire what is the most common race on this board, is that a racist post?

I believe the original post asked to hear from minorities, well here I am. ......half white - half Asian, hard working republican, gun owner, hot boat owner, '32 Ford hot rod owner, Harley owner.

Maybe not being a liberal disqualifies me as a true minority, I don't know.

So Nort, if this is offensive or racist to you....well sorry. Get over it!

If you are a minority (Conehead or otherwise) don't be the boy that cried wolf! Save your outrage for something worthy of attention.

When they won't let me on the water because I'm Asian then let's raise a ruckus. When they won't sell me racing gas because I'm a Gook then I'm going to get pissed. When they won't flash me for Mardi Gras beads because I'm a minority then I'm gonna get riled.

In the mean time, I'm going to have fun playing with my toys and enjoying life. I don't go looking for things that aren't there just so I can go off. I hope you can do the same.

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Sorry if I pointed out what appeared to be bordering or leaning towards a racist thread. My comment may have pushed it even further towards such, but not intentionally. When I see those three topics on this board, every time single it gets out of hand. I know of some people on OSO that were/are wary of this threadís topics and see no point to it other than to stir the pot. Posting about a gopher has nothing to do with boating, but at the same time it has nothing to do with one the topics that OSO has continuously asked not be discussed; politics.

So my answer to the question rather than point out a marginal thread topic;

ďAre most OSO'ers White RepublicansĒ

Maybe, but who really cares? I guess you do without regard as to how it might make other people feel when visiting the site. Once you find out the answer to your question, will you be more comfortable on the site or enjoy it more? Will others? Why make some people feel uncomfortable and alienated when on the site? It more than likely was a innocent question, but can turn into a pissing match pretty darn quickly. Robert, I havenít had time this week to be on OSO or to respond with any deep discussions, so itís not the case that Iím not ďmature enough to have an articulate adult conversation about this topicĒ. This is not a personal attack on you, so there is no need to respond with a personal attack. If I offended you without knowing, I apologize.
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Default Racism

Ok If I have to pigeon hole myself Im light skinned , irish and french cannuck but born and raised 100% american..Conservative republican.
First of all racism in any form is wrong ..We can not control our genetic makeup..
I happen to think ethnic diversity has played a big part in making this the great nation that it is..
But one thing I can't stand is what I call reverse racicm.. IE the minority constantly blaming the majority for their shortfalls..
Affirmative action, welfare and all the other socialist programs the dems love so much are creating a welfare society..
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white, rep.,gun owner,american!
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Default Is that the way you see it ?

Wow your realy bitter.. "Im not insane " everyone else is !
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Boating Please!!
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