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OT: crew cab duallies, who uses them for a daily driver?

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I have kicked around thoughts of a dually, but did not want it as a daily driver, as I have to go into downtown DC a few times a week, so I am either trying to park it downtown, or at a Metro station, neither of which can be done easily with something that large. Right now I just have the 2500 Avalanche, and gas mileage and prices prohibit daily driver status. If you are looking into getting a dually, maybe jump back 2 or so years and pick up a few $K Toyota or something that you can shuffle around in when needed. That is exactly what we do.
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I have a 1998 4x4 Chevy Crew Cab dually, LOR was right people do get out of your way. I'm use to it now since I hace a Extended Cab dually before, plus I grew up driving hearse's and limo's (Here at the Funeral Home) Once you get use to it it's fine!! One thing is that my wife hates to drive it.....but that might be a good thing!!! I wish I would have gone to a Crew Cab from the Extended earlier!!

As far as I'm concerned.....When it comes to towing, I don't care how well the truck or trailer is set up, it's better with a dually!!! But, then again I hate the side to side sway from a single rear wheel while towing!!

I do have a another truck that's a reg. cab short bed 4x4 that I just drive around town and back and forth from work, (3 block's) but since I've got the Crew Cab I haven't been driving the Small truck!!
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Bought this new in 98 and has been my daily driver till about a month ago. Sucks to find a parking spot, but I park out far and have NO door dings in 4 years. Now just used for boating activities. Droped 3/5 and rides like a car. Milage is 9mpg all the time

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Thanks for all the input so far, now for theose of you who have 4x4 duallies I have heard form many that a duallie isnt worth a damn in mud or snow, does 4x4 help any on a duallie setup?
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Old 03-29-2003, 03:40 PM
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I have a old box Bronco that I go wheeling in and for the snow it has 39.5 boggers on it. I was going to buy a 2x4 truck becauase they ride better, I was told don't be the guy that can't get his boat out of the ramp because your spinning your tires. Most of the ramps I use are nice, but the ramp the Sonic factory uses is real steep. Fred from Sonic who never drove my truck before backed in, I loaded a 2000 42 sonic and he pulled out without spinning a tire in 2 wheel drive and I have done the same at that ramp at all time's of the year. I have never seen a ramp as steep as that one. If I was going to buy another truck soon I would buy a 2x4. 4x4's don't do well in snow or mud most of the time they will get though it, but dont go as good as smaller 4x4'f.

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Mine is a 4 x 4 But it has never been in either ,but i have used the 4 wd. on slippery ramps with great success.When I used to race snowmobiles my buddy towed with a 2 wd dually.It sucked in mud and was worse getting off a lake.

Just My 2Cents!

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If it is your only truck buy a 4x4, if you have another 4x4 for the snow and will only drive the dually in good weather get a 2x4, unless you are pulling a big boat out of a grass ramp.
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I had an extra cab dually. It rode like a dream on the highway, but was a PITA in the city. To park, you have to circle like a jet coming in for a landing, being sure you are headed right straight into the slot. Also, you can forget any drivethroughs, I found that out after pulling into my bank. Both tires wedged against the curb. I had to get out and get everyone to back up so I could back out. Very embarrassing. I'm about to buy a tow vehicle. I'm going to go with a 3/4 ton 4x4 extra cab, shortbed (shorts are hard to find in Ford) with diesel. I really like the looks of the Dodge up to 2002 xcab short bed, and there are more Dodge shortbeds around.
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Originally posted by Dusty Times
I don't find it to be such a disadvantage parking anymore. I've found the door dings are fewer when you park farther out in the parking lot also. Wouldn't buy anything but from now on.
after a while you dont even think about parking far away... Mom drives a trans-am, dad a van or a vette....always have to walk forever, just keep a jacket and umbrella handy!
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I've got a 2000 ext. cab GMC dually 4x4. I wouldn't go without the four wheel drive on that truck. it took a little getting used to - parking lots suck, turning radius means forward reverse,forward reverse, forward reverse, - park. It does tow incredibly well though. The dually does suck in snow (i bent the rims on both sides by sliding into curbs on highway entrance ramps my first year with it) but once you get used to it it's not too bad. I also realized to start "using the 4x4 drive. It seems for some reason that lots of people buy a 4x4 for the sticker on the fender but then never want to actually engage the front axle unless absolutely necessary. On the highway, the intimidation factor is great! People just get out of your way because of the size, the only problem with that is when I drive the wifes 318ti BMW and try to nose into traffic no one gets out of my way like in the truck. I forget I'm driving a little car.
I've got the big block motor in mine, maybe get 6-8 mpg.
hope some of this helps in your decision.
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