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dyno 04-04-2003 07:38 PM

Dog owners wanna Race?
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OK all you lab owners your dog may get the paper but can he run 45 mph?

dyno 04-04-2003 07:40 PM

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here is her brother he's faster yet!

dyno 04-04-2003 07:41 PM

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and when they are done its time for a nap!

dyno 04-04-2003 07:43 PM

nice furniture dont you think thats the cottage we rented on lake Michigan for the last 4 years its being torn down in the very near future....brings a tear to my eye, had a lot of good naps on that couch!

LapseofReason 04-04-2003 07:50 PM

Ok we throw the ball off the end of my dock and see who get's back first. With the ball.

dyno 04-04-2003 07:57 PM

ball we dont need no stinking ball get me a rabbit!

LapseofReason 04-04-2003 08:02 PM

That's fine we throw the rabbit off the dock, lab's like them too.

dyno 04-04-2003 08:07 PM

tell you what if the race starts with an 50' start on land your on! the rabbit wont make it 25....besides we cant eat the ball!

dyno 04-04-2003 08:10 PM

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If we cant settle this race thing I'll bet ya my dog is a bigger sleeze than yours!

LapseofReason 04-04-2003 08:12 PM

Ok here's the deal, the dock is 185 feet, I figure I can throw the average rabbit 40 yards, your dog starts at the end of the dock next to the water, mine 100 feet back. I throw the rabbit the dog that brings back the biggest part first win's.

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