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26sonic 04-19-2003 07:35 AM

any coin collectors on oso?
have a question . the other day noticed a 1 dollar bill that i had is missing the stamped seal "the dept. of treasury" that goes over the word "one"on the face of the bill. it's from 1999 , could this be a misprinted bill . and worth something?please pm me.

VintageOffshoreClassic 04-19-2003 09:05 AM


up at Ebay these type of errored bills sell for about 6.00 to 10.00 dollars by buddie has a 10 dollar bill the whole back is blank and it worth 500.00

HPChick 04-19-2003 11:09 AM


I would go to a local currency collector or do some research on and check into it more. You might just have yourself a nice little treasure there! Good luck!

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