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APBA Offshore Chairman's Response to APBA "Report"

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If you are racing in SBI in Miami, have fun and be safe.
Although I race APBA, I'll be down there supporting my fellow SBI Racers.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Battle Cry
[B]Who needs facts? Attorneys convict on circumstancial evidence all the time. Oops I said the A word.

The A word!? Who said Aardvark? Let's get'em!
"Kevin, prepare for the summer."

-Mr. Sorkin, 10th Grade Geometry teacher
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Originally posted by Phknlwyr
The A word!? Who said Aardvark? Let's get'em!
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Thanks Scott B!!
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Originally posted by Mark75H
Mr Allweiss, could you please post the minutes of the Super Board meeting you referred to? I remind you that you also praised and called for openess and the end to secrecy in such activities.


Sam Cullis

Is this what you're looking for??? :

1. Meeting called to order by President Mike Jones at 9:08 am PDT.
2. Roll call: members present: M. Jones, D. Allen, C. Strang, B. Seebold, F. Hauenstein, Z. Boettle, M. Wheeler, J. Codling, A. Grabinski, G. Jacobsen, S. Fitts, M. Allweiss, and with E. Dawe by telephone. Douglas Bernstein attended the first day's meeting to get a feel for the by-law changes that will be required.
3. President Jones opened with a short statement that the purpose and direction of the meeting was to decide on future directions and then change the by-laws to conform with the decisions and plans for operation of the association. He stated that a conclusion would be met before this meeting was adjourned.
4. Al Grabinski noted that the Board of Directors was responsible to the members for seeing that the business of the APBA is properly and promptly attended to, and if the officers are not doing their jobs, the BoD must step in and correct the problems. 5. Douglas Bernstein gave a short legal report. The President stated that the by-laws would be brought into alignment with the operating rules of the association and corporate law following this meeting. It was stated that this is a properly called meeting of the APBA Board of Directors (BoD).
6. Greg Jacobsen gave a financial report, stating that the present Board and the officers had managed a turn-around that has put the association in a great financial position to go forward. In addition, use of "Quick Books" by the APBA office will allow faster and more accurate reports for the future. No increases in membership or sanction fees are contemplated for the 2003 season other than those incremental increases foreseen in the license contracts.
7. President Jones reported that due to the tightening of the insurance business, we expect some increases in the future. We have another year on our current contract with ASIS, allowing us the current good rates through the 2003 season. Discussion about possible reductions of insurance cost for small races or races with minimal risk brought a conclusion that the insurance committee will address such concerns before the rates are set for 2003. Other discussions included the possibility of self-insuring and other cost reducing measures. MOTION: By Stan Fitts, to reduce the insurance fee for the Pittsburgh race to equal that of similar races since the high risk elements have been corrected. Defeated.
8. The office software is all installed and up and working except the scoring module. A beta test of the scoring system, with Sally Titus and others participating, will be conducted right away. The APBA web-site is working well, but needs more input. Many questions are received concerning lack of information in certain areas, but little volunteer input is received to solve these problems.
9. The 100thannual meeting of the association is coming together well. A contract with the hotel is in the works. Various plans were discussed, including entertainment and a visit to the APBA HQ offices.
10. A letter from OPC Chairman, Mike Wienandt was discussed. Some action was taken and further note was made of his concerns for future actions.
11. Mark Wheeler reported that the combining of rules for the SO/MO/PRO categories is moving along after several iterations to answer concerns and make corrections. Mark will work with the category chairmen to establish a procedure to maintain the combined rules if approved. Much credit is due to Mark for his tireless efforts to bring this into being.
12. A wide-ranging and long discussion was then held concerning the future success of APBA and how to manage APBA to take advantage of our current favorable financial situation. MOTION: by Stan Fitts, second by Jim Codling: As a result, the APBA Restructuring Plan was adopted, by a vote of 10 to 2 with 1 abstention, to divide the association into two elements and put in place a new, smaller Board of Directors. The new BoD will be balanced, having equal representation from the License Contract side and the Performance side. The License Contract side will include any group/entity that has signed a licensing contract with APBA. That currently is the APBA Offshore LLC and the Hydro-PROP group that promotes and conducts the Unlimited hydroplane events. The Performance side will manage all groups that are not covered by a license agreement. This structure will become effective as of November 1, 2002. A document describing the new management structure is attached. The meeting agreed that the current Board of Directors will become the Performance Management Committee (board) and that the current elections will continue with the new members becoming members of the Performance Board. From this group, 3 members of the new APBA Board will be selected. This group will also select the APBA President, who can be any APBA member and who will be the chairman of the Performance Board. In addition, the Offshore and Unlimited category chairmen will be removed from the candidates for election to represent the category chairmen on the Performance Board. The BoD determined that financial stakeholders of the APBA's licensees would not be eligible for appointment to the new APBA Board from the Performance Division.
13. The BoD held a general discussion and all members made suggestions and comments about the future direction and success of the APBA. 14. Meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm on August 8, 2002. Fred Hauenstein, Jr., for the Secretary August 23, 2002

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No, I have read that before, it is a regular Board of Directors Meeting from the time before there was a "super board". The meeting I refer to is the one mentioned in Mr Allweiss's opening post

As a result of their wrongdoing, the lawful APBA Super Board members swiftly moved to fill the vacant Super Board Seats with several prominent, highly respected long time members of the Association, to wit: past association Presidents Rick Sandstrom and Mike Jones; past Treasurer Greg Jacobsen; Unlimited and Formula One head Gary Garbrecht; Offshore Chairman/CEO Michael Allweiss, and racing legend Billy Seebold, Jr. These men, not these others, actually lawfully govern APBA.
Plus the minutes of any subsequent meeting or meetings

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Originally posted by Mark75H
No, I have read that before, it is a regular Board of Directors Meeting from the time before there was a "super board". The meeting I refer to is the one mentioned in Mr Allweiss's opening post

Plus the minutes of any subsequent me
eting or meetings
Meeting UH! What did I miss something!
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Talking Thanks Bud

Originally posted by dockrocker
Thanks for the picture, I was looking for that!!
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