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Dredgeking 04-29-2003 10:12 AM

Which SUV Has the Best Quality?
I need to buy an SUV for the wife. Baby is due in August. Here are the SUV's we're looking at. They all have good safety ratings. I wanted to know which one had the best quality and reliability. There isn't a dealer for any of these where we live, so reliability is key.

the truck will only tow a 16' Donzi. I have the GMC for the bigger boat.

if there is something else please specify.

JUSTONCE 04-29-2003 10:19 AM

If your going to spend the high end s.u.v. money I'd buy an EX.
I don't care what the rating is, if you crash an M.d.x. and an Excursion into each other head on I wanna be in the EX.

ryoung99 04-29-2003 10:35 AM

Less than a year ago while driving home in our Excursion a Mitsubishi Eclipse lost control in front of us. They were passing us on the right going around a corner (doing about 85), we were running 65-70.

When the accident was over, we had torn their vehicle in half (thank god no one was seriously hurt). We drove the Excursion home that night, the frame was straight as the day we took delivery. Granted it was still $5000 to fix all the little things that were damaged in the accident.

The following day in reflection we realized how different the outcome would have been had we been in my wifes sedan (Jaguar XJR) or the Corvette.

It is very dissapointing that Ford is discontinuing the line, as we would always own one if available. I guess 5 years from now we will be driving a Suburban.


rainmn 04-29-2003 10:56 AM

My in-laws got one of the first MDX's in the area when they came out. I don't particularly like the looks of it (Looks like a minivan) BUT, it is a great truck. It drives like a sports car compared to my Excursion (Which you would expect.) Not a single problem with it yet either, which I would also expect.
I also like the way the third seat folds flat into the floor. Much easier than removing one.

Ron P 04-29-2003 11:02 AM

Get the GMC Envoy. I drove them ALL. It's was the best by far.

Dredgeking 04-29-2003 11:19 AM

ron, she originally wanted the envoy, but the safety rating is VERY VERY scary. her concern is safety for her and the kids.

388Hustler 04-29-2003 11:30 AM

I can tell you from experience that the BMW X5 is top of the line. My wife drives one. Not sure about the safety. Luckily she has never had an accident in it. It drives and rides like a sports car. I would highly recommend one for anyone. I have no idea how it tows. The Hustler would probably be a little rough on it...

I would recommend test driving all of them and see what you think. We did and chose the BMW.

baja27 04-29-2003 11:32 AM

Buy a Ford or Chevy full size SUV . Best safety rating, most comfort especially for the kids.

Dock Holiday 04-29-2003 11:45 AM


20,000 totally trouble free miles.

2001 model Limited with V-10

Drinks gas, but rides like a dream, more power than you ever need, all the room you will ever need, and they are offering the ZERO financing again for five years.

I personally think they are one of the best overall values on the road.

Marie Awesome 04-29-2003 12:04 PM

Toyota 4 Runner / I've been driving Toyota's since the early 80's. On my 4th. 4 Runner, never had one problem. If I'm not mistaken it's rated high for safety.

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