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mrp 05-29-2003 11:43 AM

Mississippi River
Looking to go boating on the Mississippi River on the Weekend of July 19 and and launch in LaCrosse WI. Is this a good place to start? I can only go Sat and Sunday. Any Ideas? Should I head north or south and any hotel recommendations with docks? Your help is appreciated.


Thirsty Turtle 05-29-2003 12:12 PM


LaCrosse is a good starting place. I think hp500 puts in there also when he come to the river.

If you head north, Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing would be a good destination. It would be a full day of boating with a distance of around 100 miles and 6 locks to go through. There are a few other places, but no hotels with a dock. There are plenty of marinas that will shuttle you to a nearby one. In Lacrosse, there is a hotel on the Black River.

Our marina (Great River Harbor in Alma) has a couple of A-Frames that you can rent out. We could hook up on your way up from Lacrosse and show you the local watering holes on the river.

If you head south, there is Lansing, Marquette and Prarie du Chien, and even Dubuque.


Caincando1 05-29-2003 12:15 PM

There are a bunch of us(a bunch of Bajas, a Fomula and a Pantera) that boat out of Alma, WI(pool 5). We also venture down into pool 5A a bunch. We'll have to hook up.

There is a motel in La Crosse on the black river with nice dock and access to the main channell of the Miss. I'm not sure what the name of it is. PM OSO members Wildchild212 or Thirsty Turtle. They should know the name.

We are putting on a big poker run August 16th. Leave me your email and I'll send you all the info.

If you have any more questions let me know.


Thirsty Turtle 05-29-2003 12:34 PM

Originally posted by Caincando1

There is a motel in La Crosse on the black river with nice dock and access to the main channell of the Miss. I'm not sure what the name of it is. PM OSO members Wildchild212 or Thirsty Turtle. They should know the name.


I was hoping you knew! Have stayed there a few times, but damned if I can remember the name!:D

liquid lounge 05-29-2003 01:00 PM

I boat around Guttenburg and up to Marquette....that would be south of LaCrosse....absolutly beautiful area.

Madmax 05-29-2003 02:43 PM

It's called the Best Western Midway hotel in LaCrosse.....

I agree on the Redwing to Treasure Island casino tho, that's a fun trip, and a really nice place. Just make sure you take it easy through Redwing, the whole thing is a no wake zone, and they are really picky about boat noise.......

Lake Pepin is Awesome before you get to lock #3, and is HUGE! Feels like the Ozarks almost. If there's a lil bit of wind tho, better hope you have a decent sized boat.......;)

Madmax 05-29-2003 02:45 PM

Hey Liquid Lounge........

whaddya have? I keep my boat slipped in Guttenberg... prob have seen ya before.

I've got a Baja 232, red and black checkered flags on the gas dock......

Caincando1 05-29-2003 03:07 PM

I've got a Baja 232, red and black checkered flags on the gas dock......
A Hawkeye boat??? Hawkeye will be bringing some big heat up for the poker run. They said there gonna bring there 40 outlaw if its not sold by then.

Lake Pepin is Awesome
That's our stomping grounds. You'll have to make a trip up and run with us.

Madmax 05-29-2003 03:29 PM

Sorry, it came from Grand Sport Center in Chicago.....

Hawkeye is an awesome dealership tho. My wife used to live in Dubuque, and I would go over there and drool all the time.

We are thinking about upgrading to a 302 next year or maybe the year after if our finances allow :rolleyes: .... I've looked at a few that they have and I swear they bout hand me a broom I stand around in their building so long.......

We are thinking about doing a trip to Pepin in the fall.....maybe we'll hook up withya.! Haven't decided for sure if we are goin yet tho.

hp500efi 05-29-2003 05:07 PM

mrp, we mostly boat the Missi and usually put in at La Crosse as they have some very nice launching spots.

The nicest launch is on the Black River on the french island side. You turn right at the old train at riverside park and once you cross the bridge, the launch is on your left. You cannot miss it. I always launch and retrieve daily when I hotel it because I prefer the boat out of the water.

The only hotel in town that has docking is as mentioned the Best Western which is a real nice place, nice docks except for the fact that the Black River is open to wakes at that point. The hotel is only about a mile up river from the Launch site.

Be advised that the launch area on the Black River up until you cross under the train bridge (about 2 miles) is all slow no wake. Once past the train bridge until you are about 2 miles up the Mississippi river it is 30 mph, after that it is all yours. :) The launch site has a great map explaining what I just said, just wanted you to be aware because sometimes the water cops are out.

We usually head North up river as the beauty of the river starts in La Crosse and heads up stream. Going South gets boring real quick but not a bad ride down to Dubuque.

I would advise on having a Mississippi River map on hand so that you can determine wing dams, channel markers etc. Once you get the hang of the river, it offers great rewards. Being so close to Lake Michigan, I would travel the extra distance to enjoy the riover rather than the lake. Just my opinion but we have been river rats all our life.

We were just out there this past weekend and we launched in La Crosse and were on the water by 10:30am and ran into two barges the whole day that stalled our travels but we cruised all the way up to Wabasha for a late lunch and then returned back to La Crosse and pulled out about 9:00pm. Had we not ran into those barges, we would have been back about 6ish.

We ran into the above guys as we were headed South, they North but because of our time crunch and not wanting to travel after dark, we waved and motored on ;).

Treasure Island is a great destination for overnighting just make sure you call ahead and make hotel and marina reservations or you are SOL.

Where about in Pewaukee do you live? You ever put in on Pewaukee Lake? We are heading out there with a few couples in the next month or so for a quick fish fry and night cruise.

I will let you know the next time we head out there and see if you want to hang with. We can meet up with the Northern guys and talk boats :)


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