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dockrocker 06-13-2003 09:48 AM

Cat primer? I think it's time for class...
I've been reading the Skater vs Spectre and the Concept thread with interest. Being fairly new to the sport, I don't have a whole lot of knowledge on cats and/or outboards. However, I do have an open mind....

That being said, it seems like there are a fair number of cat builders that have a 28' - 32' model, powered by outboards. While I doubt I could talk the Mrs into one (no place for a potty ;) ), they do seem reasonably priced for the performance. Never having been on a cat, I'm wondering how they handle water like, for instance, Lake Michigan?

I've seen or heard mentioned a number of builders, including Skater, Spectre, Motion, Jaguar, Redline, AMT, etc etc. What is the relationship between these brands, and what are they known for (handling, speed, workmanship, etc). Like I said, I'm coming from a V-bottom, big block I/O background, so I'm looking for something akin to a FAQ for mid-size cats.

Seems like a good discussion for a Friday - beats workin'! :D

Uncle Toys 06-13-2003 11:00 AM

I’ll start you off with the pedestrian stuff – then hopefully we’ll get the major talents to wade in on the performance in the rough. If we are lucky, maybe Philip will be lurking and spend some time telling his stories!

Insurance – the big difference in the smaller cats. Since 9/11 it has become a serious issue and there is the possibility it becomes prohibitive. For reasons I don’t understand, it doesn’t appear to be an issue on the bigger cats. Somewhere around 30 foot and longer it seems to change. If you have a poor or bad driving record, it could be prohibitive now and don’t even think about turning in a minor claim!

Faster – the reason you buy a cat! Same pair of HP500s in a 38 foot Vhull will get you around 80mph (on GPS, no current). Same pair of HP500s on a 36 foot Cat will get you around 105mph (on GPS, no current).

Wider – Probably doesn’t sound like an issue, unless you put your boat in boat slips often. Plenty of times my 26 cat won’t fit and then some 38 Cig uses the slip. I would think it would make trailering a little more interesting. However, if you do a lot of beaching like we do at Havasu, the cats are easier to get on and off. Interesting, handling around docks with a wind appears to be more proactive with a cat. Maybe because they sit flatter on the water.

Cabins – cats suck. In the mid-to-small cats they vary dramatically. In mine, two people could easily sleep under the canopy area. Plenty of room to take stuff out on the lake for the day. My neighbors cat, same size, barely has room for a cooler. Potty? Maybe if you get up to the 32 footers.

Rough water – Now we need the big dogs of the board to wade in on the discussion. We just do not get that rough of water on Havasu. However, I do know that cats ride very different once they are fully packing air. On mine its around 70mph. If I have to travel much slower for passenger considerations, say 40 to 50 mph, then it bounces up and down like a V hull. But it’s a very flat V hull, so what would it be like in moderate to nasty conditions?

mr_velocity 06-13-2003 11:53 AM

I'd swap my 41 Velocity for a 36 Skater anytime.

CigDaze 06-13-2003 12:59 PM

For the OSO definitive guide to cat history, click HERE!!!

rbtnt 06-15-2003 09:01 PM

You can store a potty behind one of the cabin seats in a 28 Daytona and drag it into the cabin when needed. A coffee can is much easier to use and store though. The berth in 28 is also larger than a full size bed. There is a lot less headroom in a cat, but we have managed to survive a 600 mile trip in 4 days in our 28 Daytona. You can't beat the ride in a mid sized cat for river and inland lake running.

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