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CRUBOSS 06-20-2003 06:51 PM

KAMMA ; you won't find any posts by MR. KEITH EICKERT . i think i have seen keith on a computer twice in five years. nothing against the guy, but he has no use for these things. , the guy has yet to set up the voice mail on his cell phone. somtimes it is just better that way.

i just wanted you to know.

Bulldog 06-20-2003 11:23 PM

Setting the record straight

I confess- I have posted under 2 names.

My real screen name is Bulldog but the puppy:doggy: icon did not work. In an attempt to use an icon that made sense with my screen name, I used the alias BullFrog:frog:.

OSO- I am very very sorry!

I just hope that Mr. Eickert is able to climb out of this legal cesspool he is in. I have the impression that he wanted a 'business' partner to handle the 'business' end of things. I know a custom guitar builder (Jimmy Foster) that got F*&ked by an ahole in a very similar arrangement. The good news is Jimmy's customers knew what was going on, and he was able to eventually get things back in order.

Bulldog aka Ronnie (not bullFrog, nope, not gonna do it)

X-Rated30 06-21-2003 07:31 AM

Bulldog(frog) -- Yeah, but the most inflamatory thing you ever post is that the Scarab still isn't ready. :D :D :D

And you better not reply to this too quickly -- That will mean she STILL isn't ready or you would be at Royal Purple. I bet you can already hear the boats.:rolleyes:

PS -- I am only up this early on a saturday, because I have been up all night putting the engines in the boat.:drool:

CruBoss -- I heard on another thread that he has posted, but darned if I can find it.:confused: :confused: :confused:

THEJOKER 06-21-2003 08:44 AM

I've worked in a family business for over 25 years. You'd have to be pretty lazy to let your company go away like this. You gotta be there all the time and the more questions you ask the better off you are. Basically you reap what you sow! BH

sean stinson 06-21-2003 11:30 AM

Originally posted by KaamaScarab30

CruBoss -- I heard on another thread that he has posted, but darned if I can find it.:confused: :confused: :confused:

He made one post to tell everyone whats up and that's it. Do a search under his user name keith eickert and you will find it.


Sydwayz 06-21-2003 01:20 PM

KE's post here:

Shane 06-25-2003 02:04 PM


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