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What oil are you running?

Old 04-21-2004, 09:36 PM
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I heard Mobil 1 makes a mess in the bildge...why don't the others? and is the "mess" because the oil sticks so for me....Cobra says go with Royal Purple 20w50 in the engines and I like Merc's HI perf a lot but may switch to Amsoil racing gear lube...probably a coin toss....I have used Royal Purple and they claim to exceed other synthetics in "load carrying tests" done by an independent lab..and also have excellent anticorosion additives...and others agree it tenaciously sticks to parts and gears's true the stuff dosen't drizzle down the sides of a part it stays where it was for a long long time...and it's $ 5.99 per quart which is a great price for a specialty oil...also the best oil filter is a Mobil 1 filter....and I change the oil frequently too...can buy it at their web site with free shipping too
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Old 04-21-2004, 09:40 PM
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good place for Mobil 1 products..m1 oil fiter is among the absolute best for $12
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Old 04-21-2004, 09:42 PM
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royal purple for Mr. Wonderful
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Old 04-21-2004, 09:44 PM
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stecz20...RP for you too?

yup i saw your earlier post...why do you like it too?
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Old 04-21-2004, 09:48 PM
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yes, im very happy with it. i run the merc heavy duty gear oil, i want to switch over this season. just not sure over to what. i have never used the royal purple gear oil. what are you guys running in your #6s and #3s. dave
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Old 04-22-2004, 07:33 PM
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man I got my RP bubble burst today....a major HP engine manufacturer...the "s" company said they had bad experiences with RP when and if gas got mixed they go with Mobil 1 now.....ever hear of that kind of thing happening?

...Cobra is Rp all the way...

by the way remember Arco Graphite oil? Arco is not around but the stuff was ok I think....and I like to add a treatment of a teflon product once a season...not sure if it does any Motorcoat...any comments?
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Old 04-22-2004, 08:16 PM
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Valvoline, non street legal... I own a NAPA and yes we do sell it. No it is not a synthetic. it is offered in many viscosity's. I am also a Amsoil dealer,and Mobile 1.My opinion is non syn. in marine eng because of bearing load, and petrolium oil is more stable. Unless you are in a high heat situation,then sythetic's are the best aplication. The opinoins on oil will be going on for years as long as there are combustable eng......
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Old 04-22-2004, 09:11 PM
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now what does Valvoline "non street legal" mean? Where do you get it?

I am surprised to see how much the opinions in MARINE engines vary so much....I can see going with Mercury blend conventional every 20 hours....I used Mobil 1 15w50 and it worked fine....I have been using RP and it has been good too in the engines I used it in...never could find Amsoil never used it...

...the biggest concern is water contamination is higher in marine use and you need to heat it up and burn it off...and the second concern for high HP engines that might have gas contaminating the oil is that some oils don't handle that all that well...

...after all is said and done...personally i think very frequent changes with a premium oil filter like a Mobile 1 filter is first and foremost and then the type of oil you use is secondary....probably Mercury Oil Blend and Mobil 1 seem to be high on the list....I would like to know more about what you are suggesting and why go with that?

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Old 04-22-2004, 09:59 PM
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Default is what a friend in turbine maintainance says:

pick one of these "superior" synthetic blends...why? read on brothers....

Sidebar: Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oils were originally developed for use in gas turbine engines. In most cases they are capable of maintaining their viscosity for longer periods of use and under much greater temperatures and pressures than petroleum products. Commons synthetics used for engine lubrication today are Polyalphaolefin (like Mobil 1) or Dibasic Organic Esters (like AMSOIL). They are fully compatible with conventional oils and can be mixed, providing their ratings match.

Probably the best situation is a blend of synthetics and mineral oils, such as Golden Spectro 4 and AGIP Sint 2000. These products seem to offer the best of both worlds in protection and extended service life. They may cost considerably more than standard petroleum products, but they also can be used for much longer periods between oil changes without losing their protective capabilities.

Synthetics and synthetic blends offer a wider range of protection than standard petroleum products. However, it should be noted that this extended range of protection reaches into an area of temperatures and pressures virtually impossible to attain inside most motorcycle engines and transmissions. In other words, if you use them, you are buying a sort of "overkill protection." It's certainly not going to hurt anything -- it's just unnecessary. That is, unless it makes you feel better knowing the extra protection is on board, in which case the added expense may be well justified.

As a basic rule of thumb, using the standard engine oil recommended by your bike's manufacturer and changing it about every 3000 miles will afford you all the protection you'll ever need. But if you feel better knowing you have more protection than you need or, if you like the extended service-life feature, there's certainly nothing wrong with using a premium grade synthetic blend lubricant.

AGI SINT 2000 is THE only oil recommended for Lamborghini's after much testing...loooks interesting...used in helicopters and considered by some the best period I am told..

AGIP SINT 2000 (considered by Lamborghini as the world's best current oil product ) is the first of a new generation of automotive oils based on innovative concepts. By including superior synthetic oils in its composition, a product has been obtained which possesses not only detergent, dispersant, antioxidant, anticorrosion, antiwear, antirust and antifoam properties better than those of the best multigrade oils but also entirely new characteristics that enable it to give exceptional performance.

AGIP SINT 2000 is recommended for cars of every make and type even when operating under the severest conditions. It has passed with flying colours tests on sports cars, "hotted-up" engines and combined engine-gearbox-differential lubricating systems.

There are no use limitations as regards air temperature range and so AGIP SINT 2000 can be used in all seasons and in all latitudes.

Viscosity at 100C mm/s 14.2
Viscosity at 40C mm/s 88
Viscosity at -20C mPas 3400
Viscosity Index 167
Flash point C O C C 225
Pour point C -36
Mass density at 15C kg/l 0.875

The synthetic components help form an oily film which adheres tenaciously to metal surfaces even when the engine has been standing for some time, thus ensuring easy starting and greatly reduced wear even under high load conditions.
The synthetic oil has a naturally high Viscosity Index, so it has been possible to reduce the amount of VI-improving additives, which are more subject to deterioration in use. This factor has also permitted permanent extension of the viscosity range, thus combining the free-flowing qualities of the best winter grade oils when cold (SAE 10W) with the lower consumption characteristic of the most viscous oils (SAE 40).
The presence of low-volatility synthetic components with high thermal stability reduces oil consumption due to volatility.
The good detergent-dispersant properties minimize the formation of lacquer and varnish, as well as sludge and other engine deposits. Hence the oil helps prevent ring sticking and keeps pistons clean, while maintaining potential deposits in suspension.
AGIP SINT 2000 is very resistant to deterioration, especially that caused by oxidation resulting from prolonged exposure to high temperatures in the presence of air and other agents.
It has special anticorrosion properties which afford effective protection against corrosion by moisture and acid formed during combustion.
It ensures long life for all moving parts, substantially reducing the need for engine servicing and overhaul.
Its antifoam properties prevent the formation of air bubbles which could adversely affect the continuity of the lubricant film.
AGIP SINT 2000 is officially approved or meets the requirements of the following services and specifications:

API Service SJ-CF
Energy Conserving
ACEA A3-96, B3-96
CCMC G-5, PD-2
MB 229.1
US Department of the Army MIL-L-46152 D (Highest rating for all machinery in severe use)
BLS.22.OL.07 (British Leyland/ Rover)
Ford EU-SSM - 2C 9011 - A
Ford USA - ESE - M2C 153 - E
General Motors 6094 M
Volkswagen 500.00 + 505.00 (11/92)
Also available - Mineral F.1 Supermotoroil (SMO) and Fully Synthetic Extra HTS

Note: data originally located at
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Old 04-23-2004, 01:26 PM
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