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APBA Friends file Lawsuit in NY

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Originally posted by Baja Daze

Anyway, the APBA is like a large ship. It requires a crew to steer it. The APBA is larger than any one person or group of people; It's been around a lot longer than you or I, and will probably be around long after we have gone...I actually have a very fond liking for the APBA...But It needs a better crew.

Then when the elections are held if you aren't happy with the people in charge you get to elect someone else, that's what is ment by "one person one vote". If you don't vote you got nothing to ***** about. Did you vote in the 2002 election of officers? The LLC gets a place on the BOD do you get to vote on who that person is or is he appointed to that position. You say APBA needs a better crew, you have any suggestions?

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Enjoy the show
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14-H Welcome to the board.

I am interested in this whole mess because of what I do and how I like to spend my free time. I also try real hard not to take sides. Oh, I work with OPA, the other white meat.

I think what this board would like to hear is the plan for Offshore racing should you run an offshore series with out the LLC. That's all. Will is start this year or next year? Will you go back to the old rule book and make racers change engines or will you adopt the current LLC rule book to save the racers from going through changing engines....again.

Too old, this is all getting very old but it's reality, and we'll need to deal with it. I applaud the top brass that come on here and talk with us. Thanks, and please don't stop.
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when I hold nothing but an unpaid volunteer position such as the SO Chairman's job. So why don't you ask those people who make their living putting on boat races what their motivation is?
Sure, you're not "paid" but I doubt that you have any risk in this whole thing either. Run up big legal bills - don't worry, APBA dues will cover those fees.

The LLC is "for profit" and I have no problem with it. MA assumes a certain amount of personal financial risk because of that - unlike "unpaid" volunteers.

For the record -
1.) Yes, I was an APBA member for 5 years
2.) No, I never attended an APBA annual meeting (nor will I)

Mike Dodds (not hiding behind some anonymous user name)
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This whole mess has become the most convoluted, asinine situation ever in boat racing.
First of all very few are arguing about the "show" the current LLC puts on. Put all the petty Mercury Vs ? and Fountain is screwed by ? behind.
From my point of view and it may be slightly foggy, it goes back to a few certain premises which for the most part have nothing to do with actual racing.
1. Did the LLC pay all the fees due APBA as per their contract?
2. If there was a dispute did the LLC submit to arbutration as stated in their contract?
3. Was the Seatac plan ever instituted? If not why would Michael Allweiss claim he is on the board of APBA along with some other members and not the current sitting board. Also in this line of questioning, who elected them? Jones, Jacobsem, Seebold, Sandstrom, Allweiss, Garbrecht ? Were they self appointed?
4. Why would Michael Allweiss want control over the rest of APBA? Why not just stick to offshore?
5. Did the LLC break the contract by not getting their insurance from APBA, as per their contract. Sanction events outside the realm of offshore. Seek to change the terms of the contract?
6.IF they did was the APBA right, or have the right to dismiss the LLC from having the right to any and all offshore affairs?
If the parent APBA dismisses the current LLC, would they then continue on with the program as it is presently set up?

There again seems to me to be a power struggle between the supporters of Michael Allweiss and the sitting board of the APBA. I believe once the courts decide all will be much clearer. Then maybe the truth, whatever it may be, come out.
Just so many unanswered questions, someone is telling some mighty big fibs.
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There is an alternative, race with SBI. the parties are great, you can't beat the sites, John runs the show, has since the beginning so there's no BS. And the biggest & the best race with him.
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Thumbs up FACTS! Not koolaid or popcorn!

APBA Offshore LLC has a proven track record in providing the racers w/ the best racing venues - the best technical inspections , TV Shows and prize purses - PERIOD! . BH
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Too Old I couldnt have said it better!!! Just another "lurckers" opinion...
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There is an alternative, race with SBI. the parties are great, you can't beat the sites, John runs the show, has since the beginning so there's no BS. And the biggest & the best race with him.
Not to mention there is no one in SBI Bigger and Badder Than Callan Marine. so SBI doesn't have the biggest and baddest either
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Default Some questions, Mr. Hearn et al:

1) Why didn't you resolve these issues during the off-season instead of instituting your proceedings after the 2003 season was underway?
2) Do you understand how destructive this timing is to the racers? (If you don't, you need to "volunteer" for something else.)
3) Suppose all the Offshore racers did as you bid, and had refused to attend the last few LLC races? What would you have done for them over the last two months? Where are your race venues, your sponsors, your safety crews, your prize money structures?
4) If the SeaTac plan was voted in and agreed upon, and someone was instructed to modify the bylaws accordingly, why weren't those bylaw changes accomplished?
5) Why does someone from your sponsors company sit on your board?
6) How do you account for the complete and total lack of support for your actions by the offshore racers themselves?

As a fan (your ultimate customer), I anxiously await your response, sir.

Chuck Sprague
Retired! Boating full-time now.

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But it look like to me that LLC did break its contract with APBA.

I like what LLC did with the sport and love there races

2014 OPA-APBA National Champion Class 7 .Hauling Trash 725.
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