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I got my Insurance Renewal

Old 06-24-2003, 11:42 AM
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Default Re: Re: I got my Insurance Renewal

Originally posted by Movin On
why not try state farm ins co..have found out lot's people don't even know they insure boats. you may be surprized how little they asked me about mine. asked if it was for pleasure.. i said sure it's not a love making machine never asked me how fast, course i didn't tell ,and how many motors i said 2 and showed him pic of it ..his expression was wow then told me how much.. and it was 250 under your 1st quote...on 2001 & i was paying over 3 time's what you were .. he he did i do good.?
Do not be surprises if, once your file reaches the regional office, you receive a cancellation notice. Happens all the time with the State Farm's, Allstates, etc. The agent is anxious to write business, and leaves it up to the home office to say no.......
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Old 06-24-2003, 11:57 AM
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Anyone else get the feeling that these insurance companies have a freakin' magic 8-ball that they use to determine if you get coverage or not, or what it will cost?

I did a little research a while back, on fatalities vs. boat types. All the data came from the USCG. According to the numbers, the most dangerous type of boat was a canoe. Now that doesn't speak to damage claims, but I'd be VERY interested in seeing the number of claims vs. the percentage of the boating population. I'm guessing that there is no statistical support for charging the guy with a $100K Cigarette 3 or 4 times as much as the guy with a $100K Sea Ray.
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Old 06-24-2003, 12:02 PM
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same deal here Ray, I have allstate, till Jn2703 anyway, they raised me from $1750ish, to $2850 this year to renew, plus a bookful of provisions of things they took away from the policy, which were all the things that made them worth the extra cash to me.

I called a million places, it came down to the same prices, to go thru National marine underwriters out of lansing, which is very professional, and only does hi perf boats, or Dave Dudek, who deals with almost 1/2 the Sunsations made, and The sunsation factory, Anyway they were both around $1850, but Dave can also insure my cars, for a 20% discount on the boat. This is underwritten thru freemont, stating twin 415hp total hp 830hp, 80mph boat in writing on the policy. I'll edit this with the #'s in a bit, I'm having technical difficulties right now with my confuser....

Now for those of you with state farm, who wont insure ANY BOAT with over 700 hp, make sure they arent quoting you at only one motor's horsepower, because if they are, and you have an injury accident, or a total loss, you are liable, and in breach of contract, by not stating the true horsepower and speed of the boat with both motors. Thats what the state farm people here told me anyway.

Here's a link to my post on

Dave Dudek 586-727-7511

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Its ALL about the agent. The agent definately makes or breaks the deal. MXZ800 can attest as I can about S.F. They do not insure my boat, but they are happy to now, with my new agent. My old agent knew nothing about boats, and could not get it done. I have my boat with I.M.I.S, just renewed this week for $637. State Farm can do it for $550 or so, but I do not want all my eggs in one basket. I do have a $1M Umbrella policy as well; with State Farm.
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Try Progressive.
I got a quote from them on a boat I was looking at and they surprised me where as some other insurance companies would not even quote me.

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I have state farm...also I can tell you one reason my Pantera (and most performance boats) are safer than a cruiser or bowrider. My passengers and I can not talk because of wind and engine noise, therefore I can concentrate on DRIVING the boat. Also Nikki is half scared to be out of the bolster when it is rough so she isn't trying to rub my leg while I drive, nor can I drink anything because it is too rough.

Heck I should be paying almost nothing compared to the guy in the 40ft sea ray that is drinking a coctail, has is mistress blowing in his ear all while trying to talk to his friends 20 feet away at the back of the boat
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Thanks everyone. I have 3 requests out I will let you know the best deal.
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Default Try Boat US

the were the lowest that would actually insure my 1998 Warlock SXT. I fudged a little on HP though
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Default Re: Try Boat US

Originally posted by Aka8953121
........I fudged a little on HP though
Then I hate to tell you that policy is not worth the paper it's printed on......BOAT/US is infamous for finding ways NOT to pay claims....

Good luck.......
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Old 06-25-2003, 12:11 PM
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I tried SF, AAA Mich, and Allstste everyone had a different excuse, nothing over 500 hp, no new policies, no performance boats etc... BoatUS would insure it for about $1700 Progressive insured it for just over $1000. With no other policies with them and a clean record.
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