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Beware of Phil Magnotti of Orland Florida!!

Old 06-29-2003, 09:55 AM
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Phil needs a spell checker...
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Old 06-29-2003, 10:16 AM
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Well, Phil
The power of the board prevails. At least we flushed you out. Maybe You should contact 27 Cig by phone, and work things out.
If there was a disagreement on the parts that you sold him, fine. Discuss it. Are you Denying that all those parts were listed for sale? Are you denying that you told him to go F himself? Now both parties are present, lets hear the facts.

You can work it out like gentleman, or we can have a trial on the board. You pick.

Phil...yes You did offer to lend me a prop. Had I known that I had to repair it and what it would cost, I would have humbly declined.

$500+ to rework a labbed prop was a bit costly, dont you think?

Your reputation preceeds you. and its not good. We know your boat was in Foreclosure and we know you were trying to sell it w/o title. You cant deny it. Thats how it was listed on the board(NO TITLE). Maybe its paid for now, but i doubt it. that was a pretty boat. No reason why you couldnt get a reasonable price for it, complete, if it was legit. Thats all I need to say about this matter. I wish You guys good luck and I hope you settle your differences. Keep us posted.

Once again...thank you board gods for not poofing this thread.
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Old 06-29-2003, 02:59 PM
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Lets just kick his A$$...
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Old 06-29-2003, 04:16 PM
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Is the boat still over at Parker boats? I live 10 minutes from there, and pass it almost DAILY... I could always go over and "borrow" a few parts and send them to you...

*Disclaimer, the word borrow is used as stated, the parts would be returned on demand with only a small handling fee
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Old 06-29-2003, 04:46 PM
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Originally posted by kramer
Anybody that would like to call me to discuss this issus, they can do so since people are putting personal information over the internet. So everybody who is listing negative comments about me, I feel that I should list there information too??????? How stupid can you be? I know where most of you people live in NJ so think before you type.
Be careful guys...he sounds like a real ass kicker

I dont see much personal information on here about you...A bit about how you left your family. If someone was posting CC numbers, address, social sec...I could see a reason to be upset, but this seems to be a bit like a hot coffee lawsuit.

"Where do bad folks go when they die....They dont go to heaven where the angels fly"
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Old 06-29-2003, 05:42 PM
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To all of the great guys on this site I just want to make this perfectly clear: Phil Magnotti AKA "Kramer" called me a liar on his post stating I did not put $5600.00 into his account for my parts.In order to make sure EVERYONE knows that I am telling the truth the following is posted: Here is the absolute PROOF of this transaction. The following is Phil's Bank account Number at Washington Mutual and times, dates and transaction numbers recording the cash money I put into Phil's account that he Stated I did not do: I have all deposit slips: Account number#0831 June 4th $500.00 @430pm teller # 101, June [email protected] $1500.00 #101, June 11th @120pm#115 $2,000.00, Final Payment of [email protected]#102. All times are Pacific. At the time of the last deposit on Last Friday June 20th your account balance was $1631.43.I put an asterisk in the account number so people here can not get into your account as a courtesy only. You are right Phil I did't put in $5600.00 I put $5650.00!! Since I was out of town I had my girlfriend put the last deposit in for me since you would not release my parts without payment in full and the Truck to take them was waiting.I had forgotten the amount was an extra $350 and not $300.00 The removal bill from Parker was $350.00 more (for a total of $650.00) than agreed upon initially but I paid it JUST TO GET MY PARTS....ALL OF THEM!! You stated in your post I should not have picked up any of my parts and just asked for a told me to F*** off remember? I had NO choice but to get what I could!At least I have most of the stuff coming and its not a TOTAL loss of all my money. I would never have put this type of personal information on any site but since you have called ME a liar the only way that I can prove to EVERYONE is to post the facts. No more and no less than the facts and this is the truth. If you had been an HONEST MAN I would not have had to resort to having this transaction spread all over the world. It bothers me to have to do it BUT as I said in the first post if it stops another person from getting screwed by you it is worth it!! You have only YOURSELF to blame for this. I did not want any of this and just wanted to finish my boat and go boating. I certainly did not want to spend hours on the computer and with police and attorneys to chase you down to get my money returned or my parts I paid for. I am just getting into the "offshore" events and such as I have been restoring an old Cigarette race boat and wanted it to be perfect before bringing it to any events. I have spent several years on this project and it is only a few weeks from completion.Now without a transom assembly I'll have to wait to be able to afford another one. I heard what a great site this was and will agree!! Never have I found so many HONEST guys who get pissed off at scumbags like you Phil who take total advantage of a trusting person like me.Just look at the dates of deposits!! I deposited money to get you to take the boat to Parker for parts removal and as parts were being removed more money was deposited until paid in full. You then released them as "paid in full"on Friday the 20th but then came back the following Monday and took the transom assembly and trim pump and sold them to someone else knowing FULL WELL it would take days for me to find out they were missing. I can just imagine you'd have then told me they were "stolen" during shipment. If it wasn't for Angel and Neil at Parker boats (thanks to both BTW as you're reading this) telling me you took these items I might never have known the truth.The police have your hull ID numbers of your Warlock and are contacting the lien holder as we speak. I guess we'll find out IF you actually paid for your boat or not or just stripped it for the cash. I'll post the findings as soon as I find out WHATEVER they may be. I hope for your sake your boat is paid for (doubtful) because if it is not it would make both Kevin's motor and my parts STOLEN. We'll know soon enough. I'm hiring the attorney D-Hlaw on Monday and from what I hear he's not someone you want to mess with so you might rethink your position on well as felony counts against you that might be charged....sending me my parts or the money would be the smart thing to do as defending yourself is going to cost you thousands. Life is too short to have to deal with this type of behavior and in the "old" days justice would have been done already. I am going to prosecute you LEGALLY and will do everything I can to make sure you get what you deserve.The truth is on my side as well as the honest guys on this site. Take a look Phil....I wouldn't want these big guys at MY might just see some soon "collecting".No one could care less about your marital situation Phil but it certainly shows your "character". If you had been a man at all you could have returned my calls and emails and tried to settle this in a manly fashion. But not one of mine was returned was it? To the board and all its members a big THANK YOU and I'm sorry to have to post such a horrible transaction. I'll keep all informed how things progress.
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Old 06-29-2003, 09:23 PM
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No problem.....hope it works out for you. No need for the apology, you are helping out other people and that we should thank YOU for. I sincerely love justice and D-hlaw seems like he can dish it out legally with a pretty healthy hammer. Some peolple will just never learn......Good luck, good post, good day....
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Old 06-29-2003, 11:36 PM
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I wish there was a forum like this back in '94 - '95 when I was getting screwed over by a lieing stinking cheater of a boat builder. I lost over $50,000 in the whole mess so i know first hand the pain of dealing with lieing scumbags. I could just image Bob Zanine ciming on here and trying to defend the fact that he took my money and never delivered a boat.

I was one of the few guys taken when Aero Tek boats went out of business back in '95. The only good thing about that incedent was that I met Pat from Active Thunder and realized that there are actually honest people in the custome go fast arena.

Good luck 27'Cig. Hope everything turns good for you. Just remember, time heals all and it could always be worse.

Todd Kjell
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Old 06-30-2003, 12:53 AM
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Now this is funny!!! Guys you have to laugh at this one!! Phil calls me this afternoon minutes after I left the last post and THREATENS me that he was going to tell the FBI that I put his bank account number on this site and I was going to be arrested for doing so!! If Phil could read ...only part of his account was listed and certainly not enough to tell what the exact number of it is.I hung up on him of course laughing.Stupid is as stupid does........what a great laugh.......almost makes the whole issue funny...almost. Thought you guys/gals would get a kick out of this........
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Old 06-30-2003, 09:36 AM
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"Otherwise, you guys keeping righting your b.s. to show how much brains you have"

Anyone else see the humor in that sentence? Talk about the pot and the kettle..
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