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Notice How The Fastest Boats Are No longer The Loudest Boats

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Default Notice How The Fastest Boats Are No longer The Loudest Boats

Many threads have been dealing with DNR boarding issues and now speed restrictions, it's pretty obvious that the noise issue is going to drive the speed issue, and that really scares me. My wife brought something to my attention at the last couple of poker runs with her observation that most of the really loud boats are also slower boats. Yes we get boarded all the time on the Saber (never on the CC ) not because it's loud, but because it's a big obnoxious yellow hotrod, it's always been part of it and always will be. I've stopped worrying about their boots, have all the required safety eq. at the ready, and keep a smile on my face. Almost without exception they let me know how impressed they are with my obvious efforts to reduce the noise. It's not quiet and it's probably not legal, but it's "reasonable" and that's much appreciated by them. I wanted very much to make one of the events at LOTO, but after reading about SPEED LIMITS on their poker run I just about puked ! These, for the most part "so called" offshore boats aren't good for anything but running hard, if speed limits become prevalent, I'm done. So I think everybody better deal with the realities of today, the noise is bringing attention to the speed, I'll take my right to run at high speed over my right to make noise anyday.

Now I'll get off my soapbox


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Well said Wickedwon. Alot of truth to it as well.
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well said and true, except "its not quiet and it's probably not legal", "reasonable" dosent cut it. It has to be legal or its off the water. I have on the biggest set of Gaffrig mufflers made. Its reasonable, I sure hope its legal! I might have to buy a second set and weld them to the end of the first set. Two foot of mufffler hanging of the back end wont look good. God forbid reversion sticks it ugly head in here some where.
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Default Re: Notice How The Fastest Boats Are No longer The Loudest Boats

Originally posted by WickedWon

I wanted very much to make one of the events at LOTO, but after reading about SPEED LIMITS on their poker run I just about puked !

The speed limit at LOTO poker run has more to do with the narrowness of the lake (old river valley and the wandering corners along with the bow riders and cruisers that drive on the wrong side)

I am not aginst quiet, but I wanted to help you understand part of the reason that there was a speed limit.
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I definitly agree. I like to hear a nice set a Chevy BB's from miles away too but if that makes it so I can't go as fast as I want, I can easily go without it. The water is the last place I can vent my need for speed. My driving record is shot because of speeding and I can't do it on land anymore, the h2o is all I have left!

My Dad put borla mufflers on the ends of his pipes and drilled some holes in the water jackets at the very ends, looks pretty good and quieted that beast down quite a bit.
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I am not the most directly informed person to address this, but it has not so I will attempt. The LOTO poker run is not an ongoing, traditional event. There have been harbor hops, but no formal poker run recently. This poker run came WITH the speed limit (regardless of its enforcability), a speed limit was not attached to an existing event. There is a big difference. What happened at LOTO is an improvement over what was previously available, not a degredation.

Then, the day after the event, there are no speed limits during the daytime. Personally, I think a large number of boats travelling very fast enmass, drivers with near-race attitudes, all in close proximity to each other, and without any traffic control of other boats, would be a very dangerous scenario at LOTO.
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