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If anybody sees a POS boat named "Amigo" in west MI almost got me a DUI.

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Mad Hatter
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If anybody sees a POS boat named "Amigo" in west MI almost got me a DUI.

So I'm in saugituck for the Fourth with 6 of my friends who were all drinking. Since the cops were all over I decided to wait until we were tied up out in front Coral Gables to do any drinking since we planned on spending the night there (at least two of us were). So soon as the fireworks are done we head over and start tying off of this boat ironically called "Amigo". I had bumpers out and was tied off well. Ten minutes later the dock master says some guy has a problem with my boat, I ask what but he doesn't know. I was right in the middle of a long island ice tea and had a round of shots coming so I told him I would be out in a minute. Another ten minutes later I'm starting on my second long island and had taken two shot that my friends had bought me when the DM comes up to me again he says that the guy is insisting that my boat be untied from his. So I down what was left of the long island (stupid I know) find the two guy friends that were with me and walk out to the boat. I ask the guy nicely what the problem is when he replies "your boat is too small" I'm thinking hes kidding say "Yeah its actually the dingy to my 100 foot yacht out in the big lake" He replies "Then you had better go get it, only certain TYPE of people can raft offa me, and I don't think you're RICH enough." I came unglued. My buddies had to hold me back from kicking this guys ass. Finally we just untied from the jackasses boat cause there was another guy on a much nicer boat might I add that said we could raft offa him. As soon as I had started my motor the cops turned the red and blues on. Apparantly they had been watching with there lights off right by us, we didn't see him or I never would have started the boat. They came over next hing I know there's three cop boats tied onto me asking me and my buddies all kinds of ?'s. The tow ont he first boat that came up were asking all the ?'s one was a dick the other was being nice. We explained to them we were only moving because the guy was being a jerk. The one said we started the fight cause we were drunk the other believed us and decided that they weren't going to give me a drunk boating and we had to park the boat for the night. I was obviously very satisfied with this. I went back on dock and started giving the guy on amigo a bunch of **** in spanish. I eventually got a ride home leaving my boat there over night. Next morning the guy wasn't on his boat but I got a closer look at it, thing was a total POS. If anybody sees this guy out on the water be sure to give him some **** for me, he'll be lucky if I don't find his boat and going scuba diving witha cordless drill.

Sorry about the noval but I had to vent.
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I've met people like that, and they usually do have a POS. I generally don't get hassled but some of my friends don't have nice boats, and they are the ones that get picked on. I usually step up and announce that anyone that has spent less than six figures can't hang on my side of the dock, unless friends with me. So far no one with the big mouth has ever had the coin to back up the "I'm better than you "attitude.
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FYI, the cordless drill wont work underwater. LOL
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There are always going to be arrogant a$$holes like that you are better off to sit and laugh as the next guy he pisses off sinks his boat, rather than go to jail for doing it youself
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Originally posted by Andy Buzz
FYI, the cordless drill wont work underwater. LOL
Hey Andy:
Did you get a shock?
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It will if you put it in a plastic bag.
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And on the other side of the coin I meant a nice couple that I would say are well off CIG, Sea Ray 50' Sundancer , Viper and even more toys, But were they Very nice and welcomed me aboard there Sea Ray for cocktails I have to say they were very cool people
I only showed up in a 10 year old 25' boat , I never felt like they looked down on me a bit. So there are *******s out there and
Nice people too

just stay away from the Jerks
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another reason to stay out of Sausagetuck!
If your boat has a sail do you ride a horse to the ramp?
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Originally posted by Andy Buzz
FYI, the cordless drill wont work underwater. LOL
Yes they do just not for very long after that. I used to do steel construction, we had a pipe brake in a building, I had to drill holes in a steel plate to get some water to drain. Mil 18v cordless baby, did the trick. A week later it had rusted up, but it worked.

Dyno: One of many reasons to stay outta saugituck.

If any of you guys see this guy just give'em the bird for me.
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I got stuck next to one of these ass holes all weekend ..
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