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Your best recovery to save a boat ride

Old 08-20-2003, 10:09 AM
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Default Your best recovery to save a boat ride

Had some freinds in from out of town they were leaving at 5:00 on Sunday
I dropped boat in at noon to take them for a ride on the chain backed out of slip water temp goes through roof pull back on lift send one up town to get water pump kit
was back on water by one o'clock
Fastest I have ever changed a sea water pump
l ove the way the Bullet back seat lifts with hatch
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Old 08-20-2003, 03:28 PM
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Old 08-20-2003, 04:18 PM
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This one is easy. Running the Gerogian Bay poker run in 94. 32 active cat with 650's snapped a rocker arm ar high rpm,buckled the push rod,damaged the stud. Limped in 16 miles on one motor. Tried local gm dealers hoping to find a stock stud,ball,arm ,nut and pushrod. NO LUCK as it was a very small town. A kid working as the car cleaner suggests an old school bus scrap yard 10 miles outside town. He lends me his beater suzuki to go see what the guy has. I get there and the old boy says the engines are all out behind the barn,go ahead and look. Well,they were all there alright,upside down in the mud about a foot deep. I dug out 3 and pulled the valve covers searching for straight push rods. Found 4 doners,grabbed a few rocker arms,ball studs and nuts and headed bact to the boat. Got it back together and out to the next card stop in just over 2 hrs. We finnished out the day with only one quick rocker arm replacement after about 60 miles. I think that one qualifies as a SAVE
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Old 08-20-2003, 05:06 PM
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I was towing my boat from Austin, TX to Table Rock Lake, MO for a Crownline rally (and I was running the Poker Run). About 100 miles outside of Austin, I blew a hub on my dual-axle trailer. I pulled the wheel and limped into Dallas on three wheels. I went to RoadRunner Trailers, and they got me back on the road in one hour!

A few hours later I entered Arkansas, stopped at a rest stop, and the truck wouldn't start... dead battery. I got a jump and found a Sears and bought a new Die Hard.

We got back on the road and made it to Table Rock just before dark. It was one hell-of-a trip!
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Old 08-20-2003, 09:46 PM
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I have quite a few stories for this thread.

First one.
We are on a poker run in my friend Lenny's 31 Larry Smith (565's 700hp) on the second leg we broke a Bravo and it's stuck in reverse. Luckly we are on the lake that Lenny's shop is on , so we swap props and head to the marina. We get there and put the boat on a washrack. My friend Mike and I start pulling the drive , Lenny goes to the shop to grap another one and we send Larry to go grab a pizza.
Well we are back in the water , with a new drive and full stomachs within 30 minutes. Then we had some real fun catching the poker run fleet.

Second one:
The day before (Friday)I just get my 540 in after wiping out a lifter and cam and something sticks in the bypass of the oil pump causing no oil pressure. I want to use the boat Saturday to meet some people in the local party spot.
I arrive at my friends shop at around 8:30am, I pull the motor , drop the pan , change oil pumps , put it all back together and am out in the bay partying by 3:00pm , and I even stopped for lunch !

Third one:
It's the night before a poker run. I get home from work at around 5:00pm. I have to mount a drive, check valve lash, wash the boat and water test before its ready.
Well I slap the drive on and not wanting to do the lash I dick around washing the boat inside and out then finally decide to check the lash. DUH ! I find that I have one bad lifter !
I get to my friends house and we start thrashing finally getting the lifters done at around midnight then we water tested it , and ran thru the lash again. I finally got to bed at 3:00 am.
I showed the 540 NO MERCY the next day in the poker run ! We made it with zero problems.

Fourth one:
We are in Cinci for a race (Team Hyperactive P4-34) and Walter and Lee grenade the drive pretty late in the day. So now here we are with no spare and not really knowing anyone. So we see this really nice 32 Skater called Agitator. We introduce ourselves to Merlin540 (who bears a striking resemblence to John Force) and he say's "No problem , were going to F%$king fix it !!)
We have to wait until after the Saturday night drivers party/meeting. So after that we start out on a 20 minute ride to Charlies shop. WELL it starts raining like crazy , streets started flooding , powerlines were down , and trees were falling across the roads. We finally arrive at Charlies about an hour and a half after we started out.
He points out where the beer is, his wife cooks us a hell of a meal and he rebuilds the drive and we were on our way in a couple of hours.
So at 7:00 am we are hanging the drive, tired and an little hung over.
Thanks to Charlie and his family (kevin too) Team Hyperactive took a first the next day !!

When all this stuff is happening it is pretty stressful and not alot of fun but when it's over and everything works out they sure do make some good stories.
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Old 08-20-2003, 11:34 PM
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Charlie looks like John Force...hahahahahah Even acts like him too!!!

Itllfli blew up a motor about a month ago in his 26AO and had a spare BBC stocker laying at his Dad's shop. so I decided to help him swap motors on a Saturday. We ease thru it in about 5 hours or so, had to swap all the externals and biggie. Put the new (albeit, temporary ) motor in...make the mistake of totally rigging it....down to the last zippy tie, infact I think I even started wiping it down......and then Itllfli hits the ign and the starter spins freely. The damn ring gear was on the wrong side of the flywheel. Neither one of us even noticed it before we put it in.

Welp....pull the drive, de-rig motor, grab the fork lift, pull motor, fix fly wheel, re assemble, re intall motor, reinstall drive and rig motor and had it running in 2 hours....all in the dark.

Saved him a weekend at Cumberland..... not as impressive as some of the others, but still not too shabby....
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Okay I have one that is pretty funny. Me and my friend bn were in a poker run on oneida lake. We both kept our boats in the rack at one of the marinas there so that morning we emptied everything out of his boat into mine and went to the run. The 1st leg was flawless. About 3 miles into the 2nd leg (just after 4 of us boats in the run pass very closely by a fisherman just sitting in the channel) we hit something in the water and busted up a drive pretty bad. While we were limping in on 1 engine we decided to call and see if when we got in if we could finish in another boat. They said ok. So when we got back to the boat house due to it was closer than out marina we bummed a ride from a girl we know in her mustang GT convertable. So 5 guys and a girl pile in a GT and head out. it was about a 20 mile ride we made in under 10 min she was driving like a women possessed to get us down to the other end of the lake we drove up to the card stop grabbed our card and flew to our marina and grabbed my boat that by the way was loaded up with my stuff and his. Fun day took 2 boats and a mustang to finish the run.
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I remembered reading this thread before this happened.

Was at the LOTO shoot Out and had the tech guy there to look the boat over. He did not take a second look at the Lifeline or the helmet.

Started the engine and pulled the kill switch - nothing but a continued idle from the engine. Tried it again and the same thing. CRAP !!

I tell him we will look it over and call him back.

Here we are in the second slip right if front of Shooters and time to fix this thing.

Pull the switch out and force my fat ass under the side panel to see where these wires are going. They are burried in the harness. Finally trace them down and they are not connected to anything.

The owner uses this kill switch everytime he takes the boat out. Never tried it I guess.

We barely have the bare essentials for tools much less a multimeter and enough wire to do anything.

My brain storm. Start pulling (yanking) speaker wires and twist them together until there is enough to reach from the kill switch to the MSD trigger wire on the transom terminal block.

After many twisted and taped up connections success!!. All in front of no telling how many hundred spectators walking up to see the sick little boat with the huge engine and the two guys crammed into every cavity of this boat running wire.

The shoot out run was not such a success but we saved the boat ride.
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Old 08-27-2003, 09:50 PM
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Never had the boat break on me, knock on wood.

If you wanted a good discussion, "Best recovery to get laid"
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Old 08-27-2003, 11:29 PM
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After an hour of trying to start the boat tied to a dock, I pushed the kill tether on the rest of the way. It was just off enough that it looked attached but contact was broken. Apprently mine is wired to the fuel pump as the engine would sputter but not start.
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