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APBA/UIM Offshore World Championships Update

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APBA Offshore
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Default APBA/UIM Offshore World Championships Update


Ladies and Gentlemen of APBA Offshore:

Today we are announcing that due to circumstances beyond our control this year's APBA/UIM Offshore World Championships will be held in Orange Beach, Alabama the week of November 10-16. We are thrilled to be associated with Gary Nichols and the Gulf Coast Powerboat Association. As many of you know they staged an outstanding event this past August and promise to produce the best World Championships in the history of our sport. The entire community is enthusiastic and excited at the opportunity to host us, you, your families and our sponsors and we are all confident that you will enjoy the experience.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and trouble this move may cause. If we could have made it work we would have done everything humanly within our power to do so. We made this decision after tremendous, painstaking discussions and analyses of our options and the repercussions of staying in Key West this year versus making a move in a different direction. At the end of the day we unanimously concluded that racing in Key West simply was not a viable option. Let us explain why:

We notified the Key West promoter, Lee Mills, several weeks ago that he needed to sign a sanction agreement and pay the requisite sanction fee if he wanted an APBA sanction. In the end, Mr. Mills chose to stage his own independent event. Many of you received his invitation and noticed that there was no mention of the APBA. You noticed the same thing about his website. We noticed too.

In short, we could not guarantee our racers, sponsors and fans, that the Key West event would be run using APBA Offshore technical and competition rules, and thus qualify as a legitimate UIM recognized official World Championships. Further since we could not guarantee what the costs and conditions of participation would be for you we felt we had no other choice but to make this move.

Since 1999 we have made tremendous strides against sometimes incredible odds and some pretty stiff opposition to move this sport ahead. The racing is much improved. Our rules and enforcement procedures are vastly superior.

The quality of our television product is significantly enriched and the amount of actual programming we produce now is exponentially greater than ever before. We are producing better and more professional events as evidenced by Milwaukee and we have a firm template for the future as further evidenced by our recent move to St. Petersburg. In addition, we also have fulfilled all of our commitments to you, including financing several races over the past several years to ensure you always had a full schedule, and paying every dime of prize money we ever committed to pay. We also have brought more contingency sponsor money to the sport than ever before.

This year, moreover, we secured the most significant non-marine related sponsor in the history of the sport which has raised the profile of offshore racing higher than its previous 100 year history. GMC has given us tremendous credibility and exposure and this relationship will continue to grow and prosper in 2004!!!

In addition, while we have been engaged in an unpleasant situation with certain members of APBA Detroit for the past 10 months, it is now over. We are finalizing the formal settlement as we speak and the bottom line is that our group will remain APBA and UIM affiliated for many years to come!

Further, while we have some related issues with one of our best and longest running sponsors, Mercury Racing, we continue a positive dialogue and remain hopeful that we will soon be able to announce a resolution which benefits all of us.

We also will be announcing a 2004 schedule that will be exciting and most importantly, solid as a rock. We know you have heard that before but we have taken certain steps to minimize the instability of our venues and dates. We also are working on an exciting new business venture which will further ensure future schedule stability. Indeed, that is our number one priority next season. We are as tired of the changes as you are and fully recognize and appreciate the importance of a solid stable schedule to all of our success.

For the sport to grow, we need business partners who want all of us to succeed. We need to be competing in bigger markets that are easy to get to and where sponsors can get great exposure. Orange Beach is close to several large population centers such as Birmingham and Mobile. Alabama is a huge sports state and we all know about their enthusiasm for motorsports with the famous Talladega Speedway and two Winston Cup events each year.

Significantly, GMC also has a fabulous dealer group in the area which makes the venue change a positive one for GMC, our sponsorship, and for your investment in us.

In short, we will make this move a positive one for you, your sponsors, families and fans. We firmly believe that we have successfully navigated through the toughest part of the long journey we embarked on in 1999. Your loyalty, faith, and commitment will be rewarded. Thank you for all of your support and understanding.

Now, letís go racing!!!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.


Michael D. Allweiss
Gordon Kraft
Nigel Hook
Mark Nemschoff
Allen Allweiss
Steve Miklos
Ted Zoli
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This was a good statement, especially the healing-the-rift part. Thanks, Mike.
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Yes!!!!!!!! We can now race in peace and have fun!
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Nice to read the response without the political overtones that have shadowed our sport for so long. You can only do the best with what you have to work with, and when you are not given that in return, it's time to move on. I know that many are disappointed in the change of venue, but sometimes circustances dictate change, as it appears in this case. Best of luck for a great, safe race in Orange Beach, we're already working hard for next year's race in Sarasota. Outlaw
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Default Race in Orange Beach

Hey guys- its the powerboat princess Gary is at a meeting and asked me to let you know he will be posting a message to you this evening.
We are very excited to be your host for the Worlds. We will be glad to assist you in recomendations for hotels or condo reservations if you will please contact our office at 1-866-954-RACE (7223) or cell 251-747-5084. We will make sure you get reasonable pricing. We can help you find accomadations on the race course or off. Let me know what we can help you with!
See ya at the races!
Powerboat Princess
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Well let's see, I had 12 people that made reservations and air fare through a travel agent that said we will loose money if we cancel on such short notice. Sorry we won't be there but maybe next year if this whole thing is a bit more organized I 'll be able to see a race,

In my opinion I honestly think that since so many damn people are making reservations and taking off work for this thing they should secure any funds needed at a much earlyier date. So if this should happen again it wouldn't be such a short notice.

I'm not bashing anyone or anything in anyway, But if you want the APBA to grow with the average JOE BOATER and fan there has to be a better way to scedule events in advance, to secure a race site, etc. etc. to make sure this would never happen again.
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i made my reservations for bama today.
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"Nichols Helped you do it better do it better with Nichols! You all remember the old Richols hardware store don't you?
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Great plan and post from APBA on what must be a very difficult situation. I am sure not every one understands the problems with power boat race promoters, but we are all affected by their actions. I am sure APBA will react in a positive manner to make sure this will not happen again ever. Go 2004!!!!!!
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Originally posted by catmando
Hey Dredge got an extra bed?
my room is full with the wife and 2 kids. sorry buddy
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