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The Key West OS WORLDS are a GO, by Lee Mills!!

Old 09-18-2003, 09:59 AM
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That letter made me puke !!! It was just dripping with self-righteousness........ .

Maybe Mr. Mills needs a taste of his own medicine. Maybe the Key West Chamber of Commerce would be interested in knowing just how much business they are losing. You know if LM is blowing smoke up our butts, he's doing the same to the city.

Here is the the link:
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Old 09-18-2003, 10:14 AM
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It's interesting to me that APBA is stepping up to the plate and offering to help out the racers with cancelled reservations, etc. I think if you read into what has been posted, APBA is trying to make good on a bad situation, created obviously by this loser.
I applaud their (APBA) efforts, it truly shows who is trying to look out for the racers, like them or not.
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I dont race, but love to attend the event in Key West. I'm probably one of the few people that's going to give Mr Mills the benefit of the doubt. For whatever reason, arrangements couldn't be made with APBA, so he's doing his best to put on the event without them.
That doesn't change the fact that 1) There's no points for the race, so I dont know if more than 2-3 boats will show up. 2) There's seems to be some doubt on the permits from the Navy, City, etc, so I'm not sure if the boat's will even race.
A post on the internet is hardly enough for me to run out and spend a couple thousand dollers on tickets, airline fare, and hotel reservations.
Glad I didn't book yet. I'm skipping it this year.
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Old 09-18-2003, 10:32 AM
Enjoy the show
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Races to run without APBA titles


File photo by MIKE HENTZ/The Citizen

Power boats from the scream through Key West Harbor in November 2002 during the APBA World Championship races.

KEY WEST -- The November power-boat races in Key West will be missing a four-letter acronym this year -- one many people consider important enough to force some race teams to compete in Alabama rather than Key West.

The American Power Boat Association, or APBA, will not be sanctioning the November races in Key West and will not recognize the winner as the world champion. Association officials announced Tuesday that the APBA Offshore World Championships will take place in Orange Beach, Ala., the week before the Key West races.

The change is the result of disagreements between APBA officials and local race promoter Lee Mills, who owns Offshore Worlds and is organizing boat races called Key West Offshore Worlds, which will take place in the harbor the week before Thanksgiving.

"The management of APBA Offshore and myself have not been able to agree on the terms of the sanctions," Mills said, adding that the association would not guarantee the prize money offered or the airing of the races on television.

Michael Allweiss, chairman of APBA Offshore said the association has always guaranteed prize money and the airing of the races.

Allweiss said that Mills would not sign a sanction agreement or pay the $75,000 sanctioning fee.

"We're just going in two completely different directions," Allweiss said, adding that Mills is trying to stage his own event without the APBA and has invited racers from various classes who do not participate in APBA races. "He sent a pretty clear message that he was going to run his own event."

This is not the first controversy involving Mills and powerboat races.

Mills created conflict in Key West in 2001, when he brought the then-APBA-sanctioned races in a week after John Carbonell's Super Boat International Promotions races, which had a standing 20-year tradition in town. With a history of personal conflict between the two men dating back to the mid-1990s when Mills helped Carbonell promote the Super Boat races, Carbonell moved his event to New Orleans the following year.

Mills acknowledged that this year some race teams will opt to compete in the sanctioned Alabama race rather than Key West, but said he is confident that the other non-APBA teams will make up the difference and said he expects even more boats than last year's 110.

"It's not sanctioned by anybody," Mills said. "We are expecting a tremendous fleet of boats to race, and we will be racing under the APBA competition model with all the same APBA classes, while also adding other classes."

Mills is also planning a Florida Keys Offshore Triple Crown event next year for power boats, which would feature races in Key Largo, Marathon and Key West beginning in May.

"While we wish APBA the best of success in Alabama, we're somewhat puzzled about why they picked a place with 50-degree temperatures and an average November rainfall of five inches," Mills said. "We're getting tremendous support from our fans and our teams."

But not everyone is as confident.

"I can't see anybody coming to Key West. I don't know why they would the week after the world championships in Alabama," said one racer, who asked not to be named.

Allweiss said he would be impressed if Mills had 30 boats in town for "his" event.

But the lodging industry remains hopeful that the new classes of boats and other land-based events that take place throughout race week, Nov. 17-23, will keep hotels crowded during the slowest week of the month.

"This is something that seems to happen every few years," said Peter Ilchuk, president of the Lodging Association of the Florida Keys and Key West. "And we're still two months out from the races, so not everyone has made their reservations."

Ilchuk said many properties are still assessing the effect of APBA's departure.

But Allweiss is hoping the departure is not permanent and said he has been in contact with city and county officials to discuss returning.

"We're disappointed it didn't work out -- our fans, racers and sponsors love Key West," he said.
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Also posted under APBA/UIM Championships

WOW...I have been sidelined from racing for most of the season and have not really been on the board in so long, but it is sad to see that some things do not change...The same old same old from the same sanctioning body, there is so much internal conflict there, that you cant just blame Lee Mills, it takes at least 2 to have a conflict and at least 2 people knew this was going to be a problem, one being Lee Mills and the other being APBA Mike Allweiss...
It is just a sad state of affairs and the people that suffer are the fans and the race teams...Kudos to Chick's Beach for stepping up to the plate and offering a venue that seemed to work very well for SBI, they obviously want to salvage the season for the race teams that have worked so hard all season...but I really wonder if they have the big picture...Is Orange Beach just a quick fix and an easy out for Mike A for 1 year only or as one article states that Mike A hopes to clear all of this up so he can return to Key West next year...Why not force his hand into solving the existing problems now so this does not happen...

Jon as always you hit the nail on the head, a lot of teams and local business have a one time sponsorship deal to make this happen, I dont see a local KW business giving a team money to race in Orange Beach...

And as Kitten said it is now too late for APBA to try and salvage Key West...The racers and fans are the ones getting screwed over 2 egos and a major pissing contest...Hopefully things will work out for the best...but its hard to see how...Pass the popcorn for another episode of "As the Prop Turns"

PS...APBA is stepping up to help with reservations as a form of damage control in the hopes to return there next year...
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More than 110 boats....... Boy is he gonna be surprised.........
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Geeze, who would have guessed?? Another in a long line of TOTAL Fluck ups.
Is Mills the problem or is he the scapegoat?
Go to Deerfield, they WILL be racing as scheduled like they always do.
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I was planning to attend this year, now with all of the confusion and misinformation I will stay home. I'ts too bad that a great sport has been reduced to a full blown circus.

What can I count on?

My Freeze Frame video, if and wherever the worlds happen I will get my Video of the month sometime later can catch all of the action!

Lu Lyall
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Dissappointed APBA Fan!
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I can't afford to go anyway on account of they're gonna decriminalze marijuana here in Michigan and I gotta save all my money for those "special' cigarettes they're gonna be selling. Then I'll really be a Cigarette owner,,,,,,,,,
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