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Ot: Concealed Guns...What are your thoughts

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Originally posted by Iggy

My brother lives in Ohio and he has his carry permit.
Ohio does not have or allow any CCW. even an off duty police officer can not carry legaly in ohio
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I agree with pretty much everything that has already been said here. There would definately need to be some type of mandatory training to prevent idiots from obtaining permits, lets face it people, pointing and pulling the trigger of a loaded gun that someone hands you, and actually knowing how to properly handle and operate a firearm are 2 compleley different things
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Ohio is working on CCW, it hasn't passed yet tho.

even an off duty police officer can not carry legaly in ohio
Untrue Pack. Just got off the phone with my brother who is a retired cop/detective (Troy, Ohio) he carried one "legally" off duty for 22 years. He even quoted me the sec thats it in. A private investigator can also get a permitt from the state to carry one.

I personally am all for it. I've been taught that "Never pull a gun unless your going to use it". I've been shooting since I was 9 years old, used to go to the shooting range with my brother.
Hubby and I target practice occasionally for fun and to practice.
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I've had my CC permit for 15 years and have very seldom carried and have never had to pull a gun. In indiana we only have to get a state Police and FBI background check, no training. I think a training requirement would be a good idea
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The right to bear arms is a Constitutional Right provided to us by our forefathers. It is such so that if the citizens of this great nation feel that the government has become to powerful they would be armed and able to counteract such attrocities. Additionally, it is the firearm along with the brave men and women that have provided us our freedom. It is my firm belief that every person who is a law abiding citizen has the RIGHT to own and carry a firearm. However, with that comes responsibility. Many excellent points were stated above that need not be repeated, i.e. responsibility, knowledge, etc etc. I also feel that it is NOT in the individual's state's power to supercede the Constitution and thereby limit the manner in which you own a gun, i.e. the ability to carry concealed. As was stated earlier, whether law abiding citizens have these permits or not, the vast majority of weapons used in crime are weapons that are obtained illegally. Therefore, restricting honest law abiding citizens is merely giving the upper hand to the criminal. I hope none of you ever have to draw or use a weapon to protect yourselves, family or friends. However, if you ever do, please be prepared for what may follow.
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I think Michigan has allowed it for 3 or 4 years now fortunately they require background checks and 1 or 2 day course depending on where you take it. Every citizen should have the right to protect themselves, the criminals already carry without a permit. Hopefully people take the time to learn how to handle their weapons it's one thing to carry it around, it's another to be forced to use it.
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have carried w/out a permit and have carried w/ one.

I have readied myself in a couple cases to pull the trigger but have always found an alternative to actually using my weapon. ie: evasive action.

I do agree we have the right to bear arms and I always will , I would much rather get caught with it than without it.
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I have one, but won't pull my gun unless me or my family or friends lives are in danger. I don't think shooting somebody for taking my car stereo will go over well in court. But if I do shoot I will make sure they are dead, dead men can't talk. A Judge told me that, he flat out told me make sure he's dead and don't talk to anyone until you have a lawyer even if that means spending a night in jail.
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I also have a CCW, living in Michigan. At first, as a well educated, constituationally aware guy, I begrudgingly took the 12 hour class because it was required. What an eye opener. Lots of things were brought up that I had never considered. During the session with the lawyer, I learned that most of the "conventional wisdom" about what you can and can't do, is 100% wrong, and will land you a long stay in the big house.

I originally got it because I am out a lot late at night, and like has been stated so many times above, I believe it is my right to be able to defend myself. Philisophically, I look at carry a gun like wearing a seat belt, or wearing a helmet. You hope to go through your entire life never needing any of them, but if you ever should, you probably REALLY need them.

The reality is that the left has been extremely effective at training society in general (the "sheepeople") with all kinds of nonscense about guns. If you have negative ideas regarding guns, I strongly suggest that you get some real information and read it. You can't argue with the truth. On the simplest level, think about it. If you were a criminal, by definition, you aren't playing by the rules. Which would you prefer? That every one of your potential victems was disarmed, or that every 2nd or 3rd one be armed, and you didn't know who was? Of course you would prefer the easy pickings, with no chance of you being shot.

I will say that people shouldn't be allowed to carry without going through a thorough class.
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Florida allows military trained people to carry with just an FBI background check. We work in Opa Locka (rough place). We have had three strong arm (armed) robberies within a block of our shop. I am packing in the interest of life and limb.
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