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Ot: Concealed Guns...What are your thoughts

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Ladies Smith and Wesson Revolver it's great for petite ladies, the grip works for me.

Mrs. Dock Holiday
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It's great to see that everyone on this thread seems to want to keep and defend, what I believe is every law abiding (and sane) citizens right.

My suggestion is to make sure your state govt. knows how you feel. I agree with Shane about the state shouldn't be able to over-ride the constitution.

I have a permit in 2 states.
My normal weapon of choice; .380 auto 5+1. It's small, and easy to handle and I can conceal it even when wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. It's plenty.

Stay focused and responsible. Use it only if you must. Most of all keep up the fight to keep our right.

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reading this thread with interest. Im in the UK and we too have gun crime, luckily perhaps nowhere near as much as it appears to be in the States.

being a bit of an outsider on this topic I hope it is OK to put my two cents worth in.

I have worked and trained with special unit police teams in USA and UK and am an instructor in street fighting / rapid assault tactics through Progressive fighting Systems. Our training is not only in unarmed combat which unlike most people think isnt high kicks shouting 'no' and myriads of techniques but straight forward, striking, biting, eye gouging etc etc basically anything to get out alive. In this we cover guns and I think that like hand to hand combat its not sufficient to have a gun at hand or a licence to carry it but imperative to know how to use it, im not talking straight shooting or being quick on the draw I mean in the sense that your gun ends up helping you and not being used against you. For example are any of you trained to react to being sucker jumped by a person or people who may immediatly take your gun from on your persons and use it against you, or if you are not prepared to shoot early enough risk the gun being taken from your hands. I know of trained special forces who have been trained and still have in a muddled fight had their gun taken from them and used against them. I think training not only on shooting responsibly etc but the realities of being out there on the street. Last thing needed is an under trained person waiving a gun about only to have it taken and used against them, I know it may sound odd but it can easily happen!

I think in the states it has gone too far for any type of gun control and I can understand that carrying in some instances is only option, over here it seems unbelievable to say this but i think we have it easy with just crack heads with bottles or knives!

I do feel that certain techniques and training far beyond background checks and shooting galleries is needed to use any carried gun effectively.

Hope not speaking out of turn

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Was also going to say i know of a number of special forces people who prefer to go into street conflicts without a weapon.

when i say techniques I am talking as much mental as physical.
There are also easy techniques to locate a gun on somebody and disarm them before they have chance to pull it once any scuffle has started.

I personally think that the average joe mis judges these street crooks believe it or not these crooks train themsleves to disarm the police during arrest etc etc we are not dealing all the time with brainless idiots!

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Well put "doc". NRA ALL THE WAY
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Just were it on your hip

The Only Time You Have To Much Ammo Is When Your Swimming Or On Fire.
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