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Wisconsin DNR expands their noise regs

Old 10-10-2003, 12:25 PM
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Originally posted by SpectreBoy
If you read the article it said something to the effect that they could predict what noise level it would be at when at WOT, from testing it at idle,,,,,,,,,,so if I buy a Rice Bike that will run 180 mph is the state going to give me a speeding ticket because it will run that fast?
You must have posted this while i was typing. I was thinking the same thing i doubt everyone will buy off on that method and I would hope it won't stand up in court. Also, i would hate to see them try to hold a sled at WOT while someone stands 50ft away to do sound level measurements. That would be a good way to get someone seriously hurt or at the very least ruin some sleds.
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Well guys,here in Ontario,the police have been checking for aftermarket pipes and writing fines for a few years now. I have heard of guys coming up from the states and being refused entry due to "race" pipes. Its not the 100 that go by that piss people off,its the friggin moron with straight stingers at 3 in the morning coming home from a bar that get land owners pissed off. Doubt it? Try sleeping in your cottage 1000 feet from a main trail when one of these suckers is coming. You hear them for 20 minutes coming and going. Remember,cold dense air carries sound real far. I am not against loud pipes as per say,just irresponsible use of said "race" pipes by trail riders. With most modern sleds capable of running over 100mph bone stock,is there really a need for super loud pipes to gain 2 or 3 mph? Most of the manufacturers of aftermarket pipes are working really hard to make quiet performance pipes but untill they do,fines will be written and more land owners will close the door to their property as a result of a few selfish individuals. Sounds kinda like boating doesn't it?
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Well, the DNR has been going nuts on the marine noise citations this year. I belive that they are batting less than 50% in court though. They just can't properly admisister the test in the field. My guess that they really don't care how many get thrown out of court. They are really after the people that will just pay the stinking citation. As to the citation amount, you talk to 10 people that have gotten a noise citation and all 10 people will have to pay a different amount. Makes you go "Hmmmm?"
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