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Alisyn Synthetics Oils


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We have used Alisyn since the early 90's and have had excellent results with the 2-cycle oil in high rpm outboards. We have also used their drive oil with good results even in higher hp Bravo drives. Oil is always a good basis for argument so I let the customer pick, but for what it's worth I like the following.

Redline - High horsepower Bravo drives
Alisyn - 2 cycle high performance engines and outboard gearcases.
Amsoil - stock of mildly modified 2 and 4 stroke engines, automatic transmissions and differentials.
Mobile 1 - If the customer wants it
Mercury HP gearlube - Stock and slightly higher hp Bravos and Alphas
Pennzoil Long Life CF-rated (non synthetic) - stock gas and diesel 4 stroke engines.
Factory brands of 2-stroke oil (Quicksilver, Yamalube, Johnson, etc)-for any stock outboard or PWC (the factory isn't in the oil business and they want the engine to last during the warranty period so it is usually good stuff).

There are hardly any bad performance oils out there but there are some expensive "snake oils" and additives that I didn't believe in.
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Originally posted by deboatmon
There's always doubters. There's always someone who says don't do this or do that. I didn't say either. All I said was here's another oil that seemingly no one here has seen or tested. If your reasoning is based on "because they use it" then if you like that, OK. Have you tried Alisyn ?

For me, I'm always open to, at the very least, take a look. When synthetic oils were first introduced, many said, "all the Indy cars and Stock cars use petroleum based oil, so it must be the best". I guess they were right ! Yes ! Or, maybe not.

If that's what you believe, that's great. For me, I'm taking a look. And I'll take a look at the next and the next. That's just the way I am.

Technology makes improvements all the time. How will you ever know if somethings good or not if you don't research it a little.
First, I'm not trying to argue with you.

Second, their oils have been around for more than a couple of years. I don't know much about them, but they aren't new. If they are so revolutionary, don't you think the top dogs would be using them by now? If they are so impressive, why isn't there independent testing proving it? The technical data, where is it? All of the major oil companies post additives, industry testing standards, and specs for each of there lines. I didn't see any of this on their site. Nor do they even say what oil and viscosity they're comparing their oil to. So how can we do a little research as you've suggested???

It may be a good product, I don't know. I'm just suggesting not to spend twice the amount on a product that hasn't proven to be better than the industry standard Mobil1 until someone can show that it's better. And no, I don't use only Mobil 1. I use whatever group four or five synthetic is on sale and change it very often.

BTW, lower friction (increased HP) can be had by lowering oil viscosity... but at the cost of protection.
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My friend and I have been using Alisyn gear lube in our Bravos since 1991 and have never had a drive fail except for one prop shaft. We run 650 HP to 750 NA engines. I bought their gear lube in 1991 because it was cheaper than the Merc gear lube at that time. It also lowered my drive temperature.

I used to run their engine oil but my engine builder did not like the black residue that stayed on the engine parts. Their oil does not have any moly in it.
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