Arneson on V Bottoms

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damdonzi, honestly i would be much more worried about the extra weight you're about to put at the back of that little cig.
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Why? The Yanmar is roughly the same weight as an HP 500, and the ASD8 is roughly the same weight as a Bravo One. Am I missing something? Little Cig???
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Default super termoli...

"and cigwillie, Trimax is widely used by the special ops military including the Navy Seals on their fast hit-and-run and interceptor vessels and they sure do not want to be seen on any radar screens. the tragedy of trimax is the fact that manufacturers were not really receptive to it because of the re-tooling costs so it has very much become a professional bit of equipment for military, coast guard, police, customs, special forces..."

Roger that. Thx.
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go to arnesons website, there is a guy with a 22 Donzi classic with an arneson. Its under the cool boats section.
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damdonzi, i think you will find that an arneson ASD8 is heavier than a Bravo. then, you will also need a trannie which will also be heavier. i truly believe that you'll be adding some weight in the back... i may be wrong though... i was wrong once before...
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Originally posted by super termoli
...i was wrong once before...
Love that european wit.
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Default Re: Arneson on V Bottoms

Originally posted by 39'NAS-T
Whats up everyone? I was wondering if anyone has Arnesons on there V-Bottoms. I heard that with the step hulls they do very well and get you quite a bit more speed. Like up to 6 mph more that other drives. How do they handle? Can you trim your boats properly and would you do them again?
Hunter I am assuming that you are asking about your boat. I am also assuming that it is Bill Dahls black 39 Sutphen. I personally havent ran the 39 with arnesons but I have run the 30 with arnesons. For every pro there's a con.

Super Termoli has certainly pointed all the pros out. Now this from my past experience only the cons that I have encountered are as follows.

1) Maneuverability around the dock was reduced noticably but you can deal with it.

2) The running attitude of the boat cant be changed as significantly as it can with a sterndrive but if you set it up properly you can fix that also. The rocker plates are designed to help this.

3) If you are not running a swim step and you use the boat for recreation purposes such as swimming you have a tremendous amount of hardware exposed at the back. Could be dangerous especially with kids.

All that being said the one pro and I believe it is the most important one is that it throws one hell of a rooster tail and thats just cool.
You gotta look cool.

All that being said would I run them absolutely. And will be experimenting with them in the very near future.

Sean Stinson
Dying,....Is the day worth living for!!!!!!
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Here is the Pulse Drive addressing the pleasure/safety factor.

Photo of OSO member "Imongo" in the Virgin Islands.
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This shot was taken at low speed approx 50 mph
when speed is increased the rooster lays much flatter.
as seen in the previous post above .
I have indexed the drives at centerline to the flat running surface of the stern it operates at its best approx 2 inches above that centerline.
The boat likes a little tab.
As far as any High speed vessel you would never
want to make any Quick moves at these speeds.
However the boat is very stable conditions permitting.
There is alot of wetted surface still in contact with the water.
Here is a Quote on The article in the Powerboat Mag issue of March 1985 featuring the Hustler.

"Hustler Has just written a new chapter in the handbook of performance boating As far as we know
Hustler is the first manufactuer that has specifically desighned and fine tuned a bottom to take maxiimum advantage of surface drives. Instead of trying to lift the nose and balance a four ton boat on a precarious, constantly shifting platform,The company has altered
the transom angle and modified the strakes on its 32 footer to lift the entire boat at high speed. Consequently the package is very buoyant, yet approx.
20 feet of wetted surface at 100mph. Hustler isn't willing to divulge all of its desighn secrets, but the company freely admits that it modified the transom angle so the surface drives could be mounted further down fo a improved angle of attack. Also the bottom strakes have been widened and exstend back to within six feet of the transom. The company has also scribed a twelve inch notch in the transom once again to aid in water flow coming back to the surface props. The end result is speed and handling like we never experienced in a v before."

Super Termoli notice why they notched the transom.

My times have changed since that article was written.
By Norm Teague.

Here in New England we see are share of Rollers.
Re entry takes some getting used to . Wants to stuff.
The propellers spin inward and are 18 inches apart.
The wheels in this picture are 17x28 4 blade rollers.
with a ssm # 3 19 spline.

Propellers are of course more expensive. But with the adapters that are available at
and a little bit of used shopping they are still in reach.

The poor reversing is mainly because the water hits
the transom.

One thing for Sure
You dont need Radar to see this boat.
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What do you all think of a gladiator with ads-6's and 500 efi's. Do you think this would be a good application? I di not want anything to break! Most of my friends have or know someone who has broken bravos this year including myself. I would step up the engines down the road.
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