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How would you guys feel about this?

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That might be the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Nick, I almost don't believe you.

I'm speechless.....
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Originally posted by GO4BROKE
I would call that selective enforcement. Its illegal to attach anything to an ATON.
That is my secong thought

My first thought is THAT IS STUPID!!!!!

Put your best foot forward!
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I guess it was wrong to a degree as far as maritime laws go/ but, it was a very clear 180 degree corner, so to cut inside just wouldn't' help carry speed thru both 1-2 corners..nobody was close to the can .... It really was a good race to see, all bullsh!t aside.......... I'll go again. Wait till the video comes out to piss all over it............ Happy T'Giving
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Yeah, but would you want to race around that thing? We ran a race this year and if that marker had been on the turn I would have hit it after having to take evasive action from another boats poor judgement.

Bottom don't put the turns of a race course 4 feet from metal channel markers. That makes zero sense. Bush league IMHO. Sorry, I am strongly against this. You don't ADD dangerous obstacles and factors to a race course, you do what you can to remove them. Someone has it backwards. Poll the racers...they'll tell you what they think. Does NASCAR put fire hydrants just below the yellow line in turn 4 at Talledega? Racing is dangerous enough without made made objects increasing the risk. My .02.
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Old 11-28-2003, 08:35 AM
Kent Perroux
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I doubt there would be anyone wanting to cut close to THAT marker; but has anyone ever had their boat cut just a bit quicker than expected throught the turn?
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I thumped a bouy once, (hence my name...) Just rubbed it in the night - didn't even see it, tore the hell outta the boat.
I couldn't imagine trying to race around that thing. You are in a competitive mindset, with several other drivers doing the same. That could have been a mess if anyone tried to cut too sharp, or had to take action to get out of the way of another vessel.
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That is really the only option that you have for placement of that buoy in the harbor. Same course as it has always been. Now, one question. Is that buoy attached to the green marker? If so, looks like it shifted with the wind.
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If the harbor geography does not allow for alternate routes the buoy should have been removed. A temporary restricted area is established for the race; therefore no other vessels would transit the area and rely on the aid as they would otherwise. In the past buoys have been moved and will be moved in the future to provide safe race venues.

I have reviewed, approved, and returned for revision Marine Event Permits for powerboat races and if no other turn location or course route could be established we would have temporarily disestablished the aid until the time on restricted area expired at which the buoy would have been returned to is assigned position (AP).

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