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OT - South Park

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it is some of the funiest chit on tv...."respect my authority"
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Default Re: OT - South Park

Originally posted by Clay Washington
If you can get past the foul language, it is one funny cartoon!
Get past it??? That's one of the reasons I watch it...
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South Park, great stuff. The "Sea Men" episode was great. It put our world in perspective. "The sea people from Cartman's side are suicide-bombing the buildings on Tweek's side."
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Your dog is a gay homosexual
Put your best foot forward!
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Respect my athritie Who killed kenny?

Uncle f***er
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What about the episode when hey would jerk off their dogs? Red rocket. That still cracks me up, even right now as I'm typing. I also love Cartman's song about Kyle's mom.
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the episode with mr hankey the christmas pooh. when they brought him up out of the sewer in a box flipped it over and mr hankey hits the ground and broke into pieces. he looked like a piece of chalk rotflmfao the red rocket was a good one to....
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Timmaaahh !!!

How about when the closet door in the pet store was a pass thru to an evil alternate dimension?

When Sally Struthers got so fat that she became an Imperial Starship and would cruise the galaxy eating planets?
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The boy band episode Finger Bang
thats funny chit or my all time SP fav quote: Kyle to his little brother to get him to plummet back to earth as the alien space ship is taking him away" Do your impersonation of David Carusso's career" at which point the kid swan dives
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