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Troutly and all other police officers

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Troutly, I am glad to see you post on here today
I heard about a State Trooper that was ran over or hit or something last week?
Not sure of all the details or what, when,where it happened, but I first thought about you and your Wife hoping for the best.

People do take the Patrols for granted, I know I don't have the ........ to run with them.

Best wishes to all over the Holidays, remember your family.
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GARY, Ind. -- Police arrested a Chicago man today in the shooting death of a state trooper who was killed while stopping to help a motorist in Northwest Indiana.

Trooper Scott Patrick, 27, was killed shortly after 5:30 a.m. EST when he stopped to check on a vehicle with flat tires that was parked on an exit ramp near the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80-94 in Gary.

Patrick saw a man walking up the ramp and tried to confront him when the man pulled out a handgun and shot him, said Lt. Larry Keiser, commander of the state police district based in Lowell, about 20 miles south of Gary.

Police arrested Darryl J. Jeter, 19, after a truck driver stopped because Patrick's squad car was blocking the road. The truck driver got out of the truck to check on the officer, whose body was lying on the pavement.

The driver then saw Jeter attempting to hide behind one of the truck's tires and pointed him out to another trooper who had arrived to help, Keiser said.

At that point, Jeter climbed into the truck and tried to put it in gear. The trooper ordered him to come out. When he refused and made threatening motions, the trooper shot him.

Police said they would ask Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter to file murder charges against Jeter, who had been driving a car reported stolen from Chicago.

Jeter was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Gary. His injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, Keiser said.

Authorities would not say how many times Patrick was shot or where, but he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

"We're going through all the stages of grief right now," Keiser told reporters at a news conference. "Shock, disbelief, all the stages anyone would go through."

Investigators continued to gather evidence on an exit ramp near the interstate. Yellow police tape cordoned off a segment of the road, and at least a dozen small evidence markers covered the ground.

State Police Superintendent Mel Carraway was headed to the area to meet with the family of the slain trooper, said Tina Noel, press secretary to Gov. Joe Kernan.

It was the third time an Indiana officer was killed on the job in less than a month.

Patrolman Bryan S. Verkler and Cpl. Thomas Roberts were killed Dec. 13 in Mishawaka while trying to arrest armed robbery suspect Raymond Matthew Gilkeson. They were the first Mishawaka police officers to die in the line of duty in more than 70 years.

Gilkeson, 30, was shot four times by police during the confrontation in the city just east of South Bend, but he was killed by a shot to the head from his own gun, police said.

Police throughout the state paused to mourn as news of the fatality spread.

"We're a tight community," said Sgt. Ray Poole with the Indiana State Police Museum in Indianapolis. "It's very difficult."

The museum runs a memorial to state troopers killed in the line of duty. Every time a trooper is killed, other troopers mourn the loss and remember the dangers they face, Poole said.

"You feel for (the) family," Poole said. "You feel very sick to your stomach."
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most definitely, Troutly, Rollwithit, and any other officers out there, Thank you for all the risks you take and be safe this holiday season.
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Also to Mrs Troutly.
Jen, please stay safe and have a very Merry Christmas.
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Yes Trout do be safe and watch your back. I suspect with the orange alert you may be pulling some overtime in the days to come. I can't thank you guys enough for all the work you do. Should you need some help patrolling the current affairs section let me know. I can be ready, willing and able to exercise that "reject member" button.

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Ditto what Troutly said, thanks. Also, I too I have met many truckers who go out of their way to help us out. I had three once block in a drunk driver until I could get there and make the arrest.

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Yes truckers are good people. It is too bad most motorist treat them like ****. They pull in front of them and slam on the brakes; they're too impatient to let a rig go ahead of them. Personally I respect them and block traffic so that they can change lanes. A trucker helped me out big time here just recently. We had major flooding here in Houston and I saw him on the feeder without a trailer. Knowing most of the feeder would be flooded I quickly jumped right on his mud flap. He cleared the way so that my little Supra had an easier time getting 2 feet of water. I was so close that his mud flap rose up and sat on the front of my car. When we hit a dry area I backed off and unfortunately this caused me to get caught at a red light that he made it through. GET THIS! He was nice enough to slow up so I could catch him again to navigate the next flooded area of the road. Couldn't ask for a nicer person to share the roadways with.

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Troutly, Vern, Rollwithit, and every other person who enforces our laws, THANK YOU very much. Too many times thanks is the last thing you are greeted with. My uncle just retired from the California Highway Patrol, he was a Captain and recentley moved to Colorado. He has many wonderful stories, but unfortunately many horrific tales also. The horrible wrecks and trauma that is part of many of your everyday lives is something that I can not even imagine. I just want to say thank you again this Christmas season, and to also convey a hearts felt thumbs up, that you be safe and cautious in the new year to come. Sam
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Thanks for the kind words. Cops rarley hear that but since 9-11 I think a few eyes have been opened. I just retired due to an injury and I miss the job dearly. Im hoping to get a job teaching law enforcment. I know alot of you have had bad experiences with cops but I can tell you that 99% would take a bullet for your kid if it came to that. Next time a cop does somthing nice for you, take the time to drop his Chief a note.
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Be safe out there! i don't want to lose any of my boating buddies!!!

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