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Old 12-27-2003, 03:08 PM
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I agree there are way too many people to narrow down to ten, much less three. I have learned so much, and been able to help others with what knowledge I may have, and that is what makes this place so special. To borrow something from the "3 Musketeers"/All for One and One for All".
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Originally posted by Ron P
I asked you to mention only three, but the article will mention 10 of the most notable characters on OSO.
Then there you have it!

I'm not really qualified to post in this thread, but I can tell you that I stop to read every post the above mentioned individuals put on this web site. OSO is addictive because of the wealth of knowledge that exists here. And I thank each and everyone of you for helping to spread that knowledge to those of us who are less privileged.
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I am going to relay a story for you as well that I think is something that stands out to me what this board stands for.

I was painting my boat and we had a bad reaction of some sort and when I was wetsanding the Gel I was CRUSHED when I found that the Gel never dried. I got on OSO and put up a post as to what was going on at 10:30 or so PM. Not 15 min later I was on the phone with OSO Steve and a boat builder (man I am pissed I can not remember who it was) and they talked me through the whole thing and got me to take the rope off my neck. Steve knew I was bumming and he went way out of his way to do what he could to get me to realize that it was not the end of the world.

The other story that sticks out from this year was when Charts good friend was going to pass from Cancer. Steve offered him his RV and a driver to go and pick him up and bring him back home. I was SHOCKED to say the leaste that Steve would make this commitment (remember it was still durring race season). This guy cares about the members of the board that make it all happen.

Put your best foot forward!
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Old 12-27-2003, 04:20 PM
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It was really thoughtful of Too Old and Ron P. to think of Danny. I look forward to reading the article. Thanks for making my day.
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When I posted earlier, I didn't give the reasons behind my choices, therefore I'll submit my revision:

1) Too Old: Yes there are more people with experience in constructing, racing, selling, & designing boats. They are true professionals of the industry and keep it moving forward. Too Old is not an industry professional, but a boat enthusiast. Ron asked to name the three most notable members and I fell that Too Old is a very notable member. He epitomizes the essence of an OSO member. He is there to give advice if needed, he is diplomatic when quarrels arise (quite often in the winter!!) and will go out of his way to assist a fellow member. He embodies the spirit of OSO.

2) T2x (or Tx2 to some ): I think it's safe to say that we've all been enriched by his membership here. He has educated us on the history of the sport, who is/was responsible for advances in the industry, and tips on proper operation of our vessels. I've also learned that V-hulls are junk and if you need a boat, buy a Skater. Fortunatley for the V-bottom industry, I hate cats as much as he hates V-bottoms, so I'll be purchasing another obsolete V next year

3) Sean Stinson: Sean's real world experiences and stories are very educational. He is objective with his opinions which can be hard to do when debating/arguing on a topic. He is eager to dispence tips on getting the most our of our vessels, proper operation, trim/tab setting in various water conditions. I've learned alot from him, unfortunatley I'll never own the type of boat he has experience in because it's out of my financial means, but the principles can be applied to the smaller sizes that I own.

There are many others that make the board what it is, but those three come to mind.
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Too Old-If I had to negotiate an end to some foreign war,I would call him to handle it. T2x- If I was on a million dollar quiz show and the final subject was performance boats,who would I call for the answer? Troutly- If I had a serious problem that could be eased with a little humor but with genuine caring, here is where to go. Best thread- actually 2 by T2x-Great Moments in Vee bottom and Cat history. Why OSO? Performance boating is my hobby,my livelihood,and my life. This is the one source that keeps me abreast of everything I need to know,and some things I don't need to know Why go anywhere else? Knowledge and entertainment is a mouse click away,and it's updated every minute,24/7. Thanks,OSO.

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As obsolete as he is, T2X for all his wisdom revolving around the whole performance boating industry.

Though he hasn't been posting too much lately, Steve David. An extremely accomplished boat racer, humanitarian & one hell of a damn nice guy!

Catmando ummmmm, no wait, uhhh, strike that one
Just kiddin ya

And the number one choice: BOARD GOD #1 for inflicting us with this wonderfully informative, time waisting & fun spot we all call home
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Old 12-28-2003, 03:19 AM
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Now that you mention it....

Dan Lanza- a hero forever.

Fred (Too Old)- Da Man.

Sean Stinson- for Ghost Runner, Boating history, and Terra's fictional stories about him, trying to make us think he's a mere mortal....

and honorable mentions to:

Lucy... WoW, what a nice............ BOAT

Phantom Chaos for his photoshop entertainment.

Puder for his rendition of English and the All Girl Army of

Kung Fu fighters.

T2X for his Offshore racing knowledge and wonderful son Darren.

Darren for his website and T2X knowledge.

Bob Saccenti for being the Chief.

Dennis Moore for his help on the Tech section-
Commo check Dennis...

Tulsa Larry- For his service to Our Country. And all the other Vets on OSO.

The Board Gods for an act of kindness that goes beyond words.


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Old 12-28-2003, 03:35 AM
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: J
Jeffrey: Jeffrey: Jeffrey: Jeffrey: Jeffrey

With out him there would be no OSO
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It IS very tough to narrow it down to three!

I think Steve obviously deserves some credit. When I won the "Drive the Drambuie on Ice" contest, he and Samantha went all out to make sure every detail was taken care of and that we enjoyed ourselves immensely. He even let us use his Harley to ride all over the keys! I still owe him for a parking ticket we spaced out, but he won't tell me how much it is-I will find out anyway!

KiloKat deserves a mention as a true ambassador for the the sport of boat racing. There have probably been others, but he is out there today promoting the sport like no one else! Today show comes to mind.

Fred (Too Old) also deserves mention for truly caring about everyone here, and his diplomatic flair is immense! He also epitomizes the true enthusiast by posting pics of his latest project. I can safely say he has motivated more than a few to tackle their own projects.

Jo at Pantera boats for not being afraid to post on this throat cutting website! Not many boat builders have either the integrity or the stones to post here. He is always quick with advice and offers to lend a hand.

Craig Barrie for his immense knowledge and awesome new boatbuilding project. Contrary to other self proclaimed "Champion" boat builders, he just builds the boat and lets it do the talkin for him. All the while taking the time to post the progress. I truly appreciate that.

RiskTaker for posting all the jokes. Wouldn't be the same without him!

There are tons of others that post here that could make the list. I look forward each day to reading posts by many different people.

All in all, this is a great site that has proved invaluable to many of us.
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