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Ther Verdict is In. Gaffrig Press Release

Old 01-05-2004, 06:21 PM
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OK, being home sick in bed, I have too much time on my hands..

Scott B

Ooops, that was more than 2 words. Damn, I could have gotten 7 posts out of that
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Originally posted by SLINGSHOT

Call the livorsi?
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Originally posted by TEAMBAJA
Call the livorsi?

I think the word "company" is missing.
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Livorsi Marine will continue its ALWAYS 100% customer service and customer satisfaction and quality product. The new Livorsi Marine catalog and all ads have their LMI Livorsi Marine Inc logo and I am with the majority that the reputation behind the name speaks for itself....The manufactures as well as us consumers are just as important in his book...Livorsi's gauges are industry standard from the factory in Baja, Donzi, Cigarette, Fountain, Formula. Nortec, Skater, Spectre, among others for the last 16 years ...His name and reputation and quality service and product will continue to earn my business and as ALWAYS I am sure Mike Livorsi will personally stand behind his product and continue to unveil numerous product innovations and lines to earn my business as he has done in the past.
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sorry schultz looks like your still screwed... se la vi

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Tough crowd.
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I have had both and both have performed well.

Mike at GP, say Hello to Charlie if you see him, we did some time together at Graduate School of Banking and he spoke well of you.

GP also handled my issue with my Speedo last year with no problem.
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What a pain in the a s s. Now I have to change my literature and website.

Couldn't we just call the non-Livorsi gauges "gaffe Gauges"?

Kinda like: "I gaffed another customer into thinking I'm Livorsi Marine...."

We'll stay with the LMI.

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Originally posted by Too Old
Well e-man, in the case of the new poster Gaffrig, we have discussed instrumentation and dash panels more times than I can count on OSO over the past three years. There were plenty of opportunities for "Gaffrig" to become involved in conversations about his products and offer advice.

Both Wags [former Livorsi employee] and Rex Marine have done just that.

Instead, Gaffrigs first post appears to be nothing more than gloating.

An intelligent exchange? Nah.
Too old, I think you misunderstand what I'm
trying to say. I'm totally on board about Livorsi.
But I,ve read many posts that have been totally
blown off by members because their post counts
are low. What does this mean,new members aren't
welcome? I find that thinking ridiculaus. I'm not talking
about when guys are having fun, I'm talking about
when someone new posts & people say they don't
know what they are taking about just because the
don't have a million posts. One more thing, If you
read my post you would see that I have Livorsi
products and I love them, but you can't blame a
guy for trying to build his biz. I don't think he's
bragging,I think he's just trying to get the word
out. It's called business. I think you would do the
same. As always,it's great sparring with you.
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If you guys really get fussy....... you can have stewart-warner make gauges that have any name on them you want...... want gauges to say "way cool"... they'll make them.... as long as you pay for the set up and buy enough of them.... Then you can market your own brand of "way cool" gauges. ( just trying to raise my post number!)
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