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There's a police car behind you on the road, what do you do??

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wont get away
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There's a police car behind you on the road, what do you do??-phoenix_az_dare_racecar.jpg  
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There's a police car behind you on the road, what do you do??-pasp_95_dare_mustang.jpg  
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Default Nice

Yep that's my luck..
All this talk, and I get a ticket on the way to the office this morning...
He said I crossed the "apex" too early and sited agressive driving. SOB wrote me for $81.00.
What's funny was that he was in front of me, so I knew he was there. Do you think I'd have done something illegal with him right in front of me?????????

Hey Troutly- This is a Moving Violation- Other than speeding. Does this "violation carry points on my DL???
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Hey Tim.... I saw on the news the other day that they were going to target aggressive drivers in Broward County. They are coming out with some new unmarked cars for the effort too. Be careful. Kinda pissed me off because they showed some drivers doing what they called "agressive driving" and it was not anything that you do not see in the highway every single day. There really did not seem to be anything wrong with the way they were driving. One guy switched three lanes within 10 seconds and they sited him. The way I look at it, he would not have had to switch lanes if there would not have been a group of dumba$$es in front of him holding up traffic. Those are the people that should be sited. If you are on the left lane and someone drives up behind you, get OUT of the way. Slower traffic keep right !! People just don't seem to grasp that concept, at least here in SO Fla... Anyway. I am pretty sure that offense carries points.. Hire the Ticket Defenders or a similar Ticket lawyer. About $100 but they go to court for you and guarantee no points..
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Originally posted by Cessna172
As some of you know, I just had a baby girl recently. Melissa's water broke at 1am while we were sleeping. To make a long story short, I panicked. Drove a little fast on the way to the hospital and got pulled over 1 mile from our destination. The officer took his time getting out of his cruiser, so against her wishes I jumped out of the car with hands up and walked back to his car to explain the situation. He immediately escorted us the rest of the way to the hospital and congratulated us when we arrived.
Always respect the police, talk politely, and always keep you hands in view and you should not have any problems.

There was alot of press on this one...Last year there was a guy running down the highway with his wife in labor. They clearly were not going to make it. They saw a cop with a car pulled over on the side of the road. The stopped and he ran up to the cop to ask him to call for an ambulance. The cop in no uncertain terms told him to go back his car that he'd deal with him when he finished with the citation. By the time the cop came back the baby had been delivered. The chief backed the guy up by saying he followed procedure.
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To any of the police officers:

do cops ever set up speed traps intentionally in areas where speeding poses little or no safety threat for the purpose of revenue generation????.........I got nailed once for going 50 in a 35 at in the middle of a huge deserted industrial park at 4am!!!....nobody around...cept cops!............another time I got nailed for 50 in a 30, the sign changed to 50 100yrds from where I got stopped!
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Supposedly you have to be speeding for at least a 1/4 mile. But that's not written in stone. As for the tickets yes they are a big source of revenue. It is amazing how FDNY firefighters get parking tickets at their firehouses and I even got 3 tickets at $105 ea. right outside FDNY headquarters in Brooklyn in one week! EVEN WITH AN OFFICIAL PLACARD> No signs,these are places where I parked for over 5 years. Never a problem until a ticket blitz. Unfortunately I was working there a few months before the blitz, light duty due to job related Knee surgery, for the Chief of Operations. There was little even he could do.I WENT BACK TO FULL DUTY WORK EARLY EVEN THOUGH I WAS LIMPING! I COULD NOT AFFORD ANY MORE OF THIS BS!!! WORST OF ALL SOME TICKETS WERE WRITTEN BY OUR SUPPOSED NYPD BROTHERS WHO worked across the street and were supposedly "forced To write tickets"(MY BROTHER IS A NYPD DETECTIVE 19 YEARS on the job AND I'M PROUD OF HIM even though he's counting his days left instead of time on !) Also red light camera tickets. A BIG SCAM> I got hit at least 3 times. The owner of the cameras gets a percentage of the fine too(I Think PELCO!) A light changes red while you're in the intersection, a picture of your car and plate gets taken and you get a $75 ticket in the mail. PAY IT FAST(30 days) or IT COSTS ALOT MORE! THE LIGHTS HAVE A 2-3 SECOND DELAY FROM RED TO GREEN TO COMPENSATE FOR HUMAN ERROR OR NOT BEING ABLE TO STOP. NOT FAIR TO GET A TICKET IF YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION A FRACTION OF A SECOND AFTER LIGHT TURNS RED. In some cases if you were to try to stop you'ld get hit. If you don't have to deal with New York City and it's stupidity, count your blessings and be happy. IT'S one FDUP PLACE! The tic's have gone up even more money than what I had got! BBB
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We get our revenue from parkers. Traffic tkts. generate coin for the state.
I have NEVER written a speeding tkt. (believe it or don't)...
I have written maybe a dozen parkers.

Traffic tkts around these parts are for probable cause to find anything illegal in your car.
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Little know fact here in Los Angeles county..... there is more revenue from parking tickets..... just parking tickets.... that what the Department of Water and Power takes in.... that's a lot of parking tickets.... and they pass them out in spades.... forget to pay one... car gets towed.... If you have one unpaid parking ticket... you can't register your car or renew your driver's license.
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