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32 thunder 01-11-2004 11:00 PM

True jafo but if you remember when the vote was on the table for the new stadium when they played in champlain,IL the bears went 12-3 were they really that good??? Give it a year or two you'll be in the playoffs!!

bajabob38 01-11-2004 11:06 PM

Originally posted by craig223
All of you EAGLES fans enjoy it while you can!!!

Joe Gibbs was seen walking on water down on the Potomac River this afternoon.:D :D :p :p Good luck next week!!

This weekend's games were the best I've ever seen. It's easier to enjoy them when you don't care who wins!!


You still need a team

impulsive 01-11-2004 11:13 PM

Alright, Its a bet. Can't wait to eat that philly cheese steak

R Addiction 01-11-2004 11:24 PM

Originally posted by bajabob38
You still need a team
LMAO!! See you in Richmond Craig...want to watch the Eagles win the Super Bowl the next day?;)

OldSchool 01-11-2004 11:51 PM

Originally posted by bajabob38
You still need a team
How many SuperBowls have the Eagles won? :p :p :p :D

CAP071 01-12-2004 06:36 AM

Great craig you just killed this thread. :p

R Addiction 01-12-2004 06:50 AM

Not a single one .........YET!!:D

OldSchool 01-12-2004 10:23 AM

Originally posted by CAP071
Great craig you just killed this thread. :p
Sorry about that, That's all I had. :D :D :D

bcoffield 01-12-2004 11:15 AM

Re: Eagles and Panthers

Originally posted by Steet
Panthers beat them statistically last time and turned the ball over 4 times. This time they shall win on the scoreboard.
Panthers 28 and eagles 21. Panthers on to the Super Bowl.
Don't take it personal, its just my prediction

Teams have been beating us statistically all year! What are Panthers going to do differently this time to change that?

Steet 01-12-2004 08:17 PM


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