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Need help desperately , health problem , lawyers, disability issues, etc....

Old 01-13-2004, 01:56 PM
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Unhappy Need help desperately , health problem , lawyers, disability issues, etc....

Need help and advise from doctor, lawyer, or disability people . Please help !

Dont' want to mention names ,but someone VERY close to me suffers from a serious health problem . This problem has grown over the last few years . They have severe stomach problems and pain that does not seam to be curable. They have been out of work for a while and just started back now . Of course no insurance for a while too ! And won't start for soem time now . Now the problem has reached new heights and this person is no longer able to work .They are still going but they are in terrible pain and always sick ,but yet they push on . Funds are running out . Their home is in jeopardy and if they can't work ,they will loose it . They have a tuff time just getting by period ! And they want to give up ...... I am not going to let that happen !!

There must be some type of disability compensation that can help save this person and there home . CAn anyone tell me what to do ? WHo to turn to ? PLEASE .

Is there some sort of disability lawyer that someone can recommend that knows how NJ works on this subject ?
I need help with this ! This person needs your help BAD !
I need to know the best way to approach this so as to not get blown off by some ignorant clerk from the state that doesn't care . This is a one shot deal . This persons pride is strong and won't ask for help . IF we get rejected the first time , they won't let me do it again . I am asking though .. I need someone who knows. I/We can't afford to go pay 15 people for their opinion that gets us no where . Thank you ,Joe

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Joe, insurance is tough to get once you need it. This would be a pre existing condition and any insurance or disablity insurance won't touch it. They'll write the policy, but they'll exclude this problem from being covered becuase it existed prior to having coverage in place.

Call a disability Lawyer.
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They should have been on disability. Have them talk to their doctor. In all honesty, it should have been set up some time ago...
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Thanks guys , I am working on this today to try and find someone to talk to about it . I know it should have been done along time ago . But some peoples prides won't let them ask for help or even LET someone help . And on top of that ,they are only 30 years old . they think that only OLD people can ask for help . young people must push on ........ They want to be working but can't . And don't want people thinking of them as lazy like many other people really are that are not working and just taking advanateg of the system .

It's always the same , people that truely need help can't get it .

Those that are just lazy and dont' want to work get all kinds of help .......

Thanks guys for your input . Joe
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Old 01-14-2004, 10:46 AM
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This person should definitely talk to their doctor about when this first occurred and if there is any recourse they can use with a past insurance policy, probably not.

One step is to be declared disabled. If someone is declared permanently disabled they are eligible for a lot of benefits including the following:

1) Draw social security income
2) Do not pay state taxes on disability income (some states)
3) Do not pay property taxes (some areas)

These are just a few of the benefits I have heard of from someone who has been declared permanently disabled. I was also told that when applying for the social security that they turn down 99.9% of cases the first time. They have to be resubmitted usually to get an approval.

I had a family member who was disabled from work (due to job related activity) and I am somewhat familiar with this because of helping them fill out paperwork and going through the process.

The first thing you really need to work on is making sure that your buddy understands that this is the rest of his life and he will have to work through the pride issues. I am the same way and god only knows I would be a stubborn SOB before accepting help also. In this situation your buddy needs to realize that if he is truely disabled then he needs to get the assistance that is in place to help him.

This is actually an all too common situation. People who don't need the help don't think twice about asking for it, while people who need the help have too much pride to use the system like it was meant to be used. This is the major difference between those of us with values and those who work the system.

I hope everything works out. Sounds like a case that someone needs some guidance and assistance.
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I sent you a PM.

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Joe, check your PMs
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Thanks everyone !I've been getting some private messages , and with the replies here it is very encouraging ! Tghis is a real tuff time .Haven't had time to contact a lawyer yet .been on the phone with doctors mostly . We are going to try acupuncture this weekend . We have to stop the pain somehow . I hope they know what they are doing . Don't want to get our hopes up ..... Thank you everyone ! if anybody has anything to add , PLEASE DO .. Joe
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