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Ron P 02-03-2004 03:29 PM

The Race is ON! Miami to NY 2004
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Iíve been holding this in for a while now so itís good to be able to spill the beans.

Itís official, the Miami to NY 2004 race is on and scheduled for June 25th through July 2nd. This is not a run through the night event. This will have 6 overnight stops along the way. See the map on the site. The accumulated running time between stops will determine the winner.

This is not hearsay; this is from the horseís mouth as Iíve been acting as a consultant to this group for the last few months. They are well funded and have hired a professional marketing firm to pull this all together. The people involved are from the Dakar Rally world and this is their first attempt at bringing that type of event to the water.

This wonít be for the feint of heart or pocketbook. The entry fee is 10K, but there is a $200,000 prize purse. $125,000 for first place. No more than 30 boats will race.

This event will be filmed as a documentary or reality TV show to be aired worldwide. International teams are expected to compete as well. Heís the one catch. No refueling between stops. So bring the BIG gas tanks with ya.

If youíre up for the challenge, go to and fill out the online registration form.

RBI 02-03-2004 03:33 PM

Hey Ron,
Who is going to be the production Co. for the event.
Can I put in a bid.

rainmn 02-03-2004 03:36 PM

Ron, is there going to be a request for volunteers for this event? I'd be going to A.C. for that stop anyway, just to see all the boats come in. If there's something I can do there, I'm all for it.

BODYSHOT1 02-03-2004 03:37 PM


SS930 02-03-2004 03:39 PM

Classes? Limitations?

NO REFUELING??? Bad call!:confused:

Ron P 02-03-2004 03:43 PM

Funny you ask about volunteering. Yes we need volunteers at each checkpoint plus along the route. We'll be using GPS real time tracking systems to watch the boats progress but we need lots of volunteers at each stop along the route. What we REALLY NEED is one guy from each stop to take charge and be accountable for that one pits stop. Coast Guard permits were applied for months ago but it's nice to have someone that live in the local area to bring a group of voluteer together and work with the local community.

Look under the contact info on the site. Click on the picture of the telephone. Get involved! We need some help with running a safe race. I'll probably help with the A/C to NY leg of the race.

BODYSHOT1 02-03-2004 03:43 PM

Originally posted by SS930
Classes? Limitations?

NO REFUELING??? Bad call!:confused:

that's during the runs....refueling will be at the stops only....

Ron P 02-03-2004 03:44 PM

All boats are in one class. Limitations??? No turbines and can't be more than 52' feet. See the rules on the site.

GLH 02-03-2004 03:44 PM


Now that will be offshore racing.

That does not sound like it's the clowns throwing $10 Mill prize around a few months back is it?

OldSchool 02-03-2004 03:46 PM

That's AWESOME!!!!

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