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Fountain Does 156.9 MPH

Old 02-09-2004, 09:55 AM
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Originally posted by outer42
guess you guys hate the facts!!!!!! can't you come up with something intelligent or did we max out your iq???
More IQ than you can even count to pal.
Or can you count?


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Jeez, does it ever stop?
Congrats to Reggie.
Good luck to Mike in trying to get it back.
Don't anyone get killed trying.
End of my post.
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Old 02-09-2004, 10:05 AM
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i can count mike's 160 is faster than reggie and reggie knows it. thats why reggie took his ball home and played by himself.
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Old 02-09-2004, 10:06 AM
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Default Re: Re: FYI----- The Best is yet to come!!!

Originally posted by Troutly
Errrrrr, can someone 'splain to me how this set-up would work? Any why you would want to do it?
Trout, check out Weismann's new set up, (in line motor config.) very cool. Lucas Oil is running them in their Scarab.
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Incredible speeds for both boats. Congrats to both for their hard work & dedication. An accomplishment for anyone whom can go that fast or faster in a V Bottom.

Lapse, I was on what I beleive was 42OL at the AC boat show. Had 6's & Big Cobra's. Im just under 6' and could not stand in it. Had to tilt head to walk around. More head room in my 42 Sonic, and the head in my Sonic was bigger. Fit/Finish, paint was awesome on the OL....but at $700k +.... cant see it or justify the huge costs.

There also was a 37 with 525's. Runs 95gps. List was just under $600k. Show price mid $450's. A ton of $$$ to run 95mph.

Also checked out the Fountains. The 48 cruiser was very impressive ! Very nice boat. I beleive Trenton Marine was offering both the OL & the Fountains.

Rule of thumb.....someones also faster, no matter what you have or build. I just cant justify the prices for the OL. Not bashing em...Mike's products are very are Reggies. If they can fetch those prices & get em, more power to em..... my opinion, having an OL is just bragging rights. Very nice boats, but I like the interior/layout of my 42 Sonic over the OL. More ammenities and functionality for how we boat.

Its all in what you want & how you boat. Good luck with your quest..... and good luck to both Fountain & OL. Hopefully no one will get hurt in this competition.
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Old 02-09-2004, 11:14 AM
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Nothin like pissin off the OL boys...
Your boats are the nicest looking, highest quality, most expensive, most impressive, but second fastest....
deal with it.
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Old 02-09-2004, 11:24 AM
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TeamSonic 42 I know the cabin in ours is bigger, the head is a lot bigger but if you just going to use the head it's fine, I have never showered in my boat nor has anybody else so it don't have to be that big. I can't stand up in any boat except for a BT.

When I got my 42 I was towing the boat an hour to the water Friday night and staying out all week end on the boat, so I needed a turn key family boat. Now that I live on the water I come home to go to bed so I don't need the same things any more. I really only need a half cabin with a head, I would like to still have a gen. and A/C. I don't need a micro. or fridge any more.

I could care less about bragging about what boat I have, I love my Sonic but if you have ever ridden or drove a OL you will know why I want one.

I think all boats new are over priced, I got my 42 new and that was the first and last boat I buy new. I am shopping in the 350K range That will get me an 00-02 42 with nice power with big drives. Just about any other boat that is close to the OL used with that power is close to the same price. Plus the OL hold it's value a little better. I also am not worried about being the fastest I know that wont happen.
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Nice Job Reggie!
Hey Marc, I guess you can let the no canopy, no race rule you applied to yourself slide when its Bill Gazell.
Good luck!
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Congratulations to both Fountain and OL.......By overpowering their hulls to the max..and driving them beyond the realm of reason.....albeit skillfully....... and at great personal risk......they are now officially 50 MPH slower than a Skater cat.

While I respect this effort....the more I review it...the more I fail to see the point.

Vees are slower than cats......and pushing their envelope.....accomplishes......what?

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