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I love ya Reggie Fountain!!

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hey anna...i see you ARE still around...was wondering what happened to you...last i heard you were driving a minivan and riding around in a fishboat with outboards!

Jes kiddin...tell my favorite gas man I said hello and we should get together one of these cold trips to FL this year for me

anyway, back to the subject at hand...i was a skeptic of the OL until I got a ride too...and lemme tell handling issues there, so someone is feeding someone a line...

stable, straight and fast...there's no question that OL is the mark by which all others are going to be judged. Cigarette seems to not care about speed...they're resting on their laurels. Fountain is running midnight kilos...but I still admire the man.
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I'm surprised it took so long to notice, but that 35' Fountain is for sale in the OSO classifieds for $265 K. It's a beautiful boat, but I'm thinking of an '01-'02 Top Gun T/S for the same $$$ with the initial hit on resale already taken by the original owner. Someone else mentioned with the resale on Guns, you can own the boat for a few years and sell it for the same $$$ down the road, given excellent care. I own a Fountain now but the new boat will be a Cig.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by OBNOXUS21

(going to be rude here) not many of you sound like adults. It's great have brand loyalty, but what does all damn bickering accomplish? My .02 and I am sure a few others...

Amen to that! Well put. I say congratulations to any manufacturer that can accomplish what both Mike and Reggie have.

Back4More - I'm still around, just very busy these days. John and I have a new baby girl and she's been keeping both of us on our toes! Although at times I feel I so want to respond to some of these threads, I ultimately decide to keep my thoughts to myself because as someone else has already tends to really be about "my dad can beat up your dad", and I don't want to be associated with such ridiculous rantings.

Wes - Hi there! Hey, I just might know what boat you are talking about. We'd love to do some chow over at Carl's! Its one of our favorite spots, and we just about look for any reason to go. I'll pass your message to John. Actually, I'll probably show him this thread. Thanks sweetie.

ThirdBird - Thanks for the post. I promise to stop yelling now

Sean - That's so funny! Geez, too close you are. I draw the line at the minivan though! No minivans.........the horror. I can't wait to ditch the SUV. Its like a bus. ha-ha! I looking forward to a car again. I'll tell gas boy you said hello. We'd love to hook up....maybe with Jimmy or something? We're on our way to Maimi on Thursday. We need a palm tree fix bad! Cheers!

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Originally posted by Blonde Cig Chick
The only thing more "stupid" and less intelligent is your post. I hate to break it to you, but Mike Fiore doesn't exactly go around with his hands off the wheel, whether it be testing, racing or pleasure boating. If you can't recognize a figure of speach when you see it then go back to school....either boating 101 or grammer. Either should help. Oh by the way, it wasn't an "exageration" either, just a response to someone else's ignorant comment about the OL having handling issues. I think that person stated that it was "the word he had heard". The problem is "the word" and HIS INFORMATION was wrong. So many people get on here and state "something they heard" from people that do not have all the facts and then post or repeat the wrong information as "fact" and they simply are not true.

So, to the author of the above post....have you ridden in any boat with Mike Fiore lately??? If not, i guess you have no place saying that you don't give someone "credence", since you don't know and I'm sure have never MET the man. With out knowing this person, how the hell do you knowing whether to give him "credence"? So stop talking out your a-- and stop being the person that is really STUPID!
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Originally posted by Breathe Later
Someone else mentioned with the resale on Guns, you can own the boat for a few years and sell it for the same $$$ down the road, given excellent care.
Yes, thats true. It also happens with other Cigs too. I had that same scenario happen with my 1991 lightweight Carbon Fiber Cafe' with SC600's after 3.5 years of ownership.
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